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Re: picking up a vacant mooring

This is such an interesting thread. Why? Because it time stamps the reality of conceptual Libertarian-ism (or Republicans posing as Pseudo-Libertarians) and the need for those damn Democrats to put a regulation on everything.

The rivers and streams run red, white and blue with the run off from Olde New England textile mills then those commie EPA Fukcers came along and destroyed the industry. Now it's all woven and dyed in Spain, no Japan, no Taiwan, no Thailand, no S. Korea, no China, no now the cheap labor and lack of regulation is/will be Afghanistan.

Truth is, everyone wants a free place to park a boat and powerwash the old bottom paint over then end of the dock. Real Men Use Lead! My Grandad used a 350 Chevy Block and some galvanized chain, no permit required. Sprayed DDT on his tomato plants. Fukcing bald eagles and their soft shells. Man UP! Benjamin Franklin was right, should have been the turkey.

Yet moorings don't dig up the sea grass or the shell fish. IF GOD WANTED MAN TO PUSS OUT he would not have created cheap steel mushroom moorings ordered to spec and imported by tried and true USA small business owners by the container full. Damn the torpedos full speed ahead.

I waited ten years for my silly mooring "permit". Now everyone wants a piece? FU Biatches, get your own damn piece of state/federal owned underwater mud patch that I claim is mine because I can!

Sailor Jerry fueled rant over and out.

Edit @ 9AM the following morning: I'm leaving this up as a lesson to myself, now I'm off to find the ibuprophen and make coffee.

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