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Re: I'm Done

Originally Posted by SHNOOL View Post
Honestly, I am not sure why the rant. If you want to leave then leave, but sorry to see ya go. I sincerely hope nothing I did offended. Sometimes tone is read differently, keep that in mind.

A coup? on a board? really, what would it look like? I digress.

I find it absolutely cool that some of the great sailboat builders of our time still post and drop in here. It doesn't get any more authoritative than the builders themselves!

Also I think sailnet represents all aspects of sailing from racing, to cruising, to trailering. I don't do any one of the above exclusively, I enjoy ALL 3 in one boat go figure! Perhaps the racers and McMansion luxury yacht owners are louder than others? I dunno, I don't think they are overrepresented either way.

Is my piddly little 25 footer laughed at by those with "big masts?" Perhaps it is, but for some things smaller is better Don't worry I always try to convince myself of that, I have to.

Seriously. It's a online board. The posts are worth what you paid for them. Some just fill the gap between being able to get out sailing. Some are priceless for help in fixing problems others have already addressed.

Sailnet is still my first stop for help when I have a problem with my boat, I look to see how others have addressed it, doesn't make their way the best way, just A way.

Leave if you must. If it's to sail, well DUH nobody expects you to post INSTEAD of sailing. Not many of us here would post over sailing.
This is pretty much spot on.

In youngster internet lingo the OP pulled a "rage quit". Meaning, it was not a post aimed at pointing out frustrations at the community and its handlers with the desire to see an improved outcome, but rather an angry goodbye. These are the saddest posts to see, because there is no resolve, there is no, "Hey, what can we do to keep you around? Your presence is important here....". The ticket was purchased in advance.

Honestly, I do not understand how people expect so much out of a free internet forum community. Which after roaming the net since its infancy, I can say quite confidently, that SailNet has one of the highest question to informed answer ratios I have ever had the pleasure of browsing.

Straight from the sea-trial new member posts get questions answered with educated responses. The chat is friendly. The mods do not sharpen their egos with ridiculous infractions. I am trying to find fault with this forum and other than its color choice, I am finding that task to be very difficult.

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