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Re: Interesting Sailboats

Originally Posted by JAndersB View Post
Hi Paulo,
after all time spent evaluating boats I kind of wanted to spend my time sailing :-). By the way, congratulations to your boat choise, I hope you enjoy your cruise. I myself just sailed some 35 Nm in 4 hours and 14-16 knots of wind from 90 degrees TWA from Gothenbourg to the big in water boat show at the Hallberg-Rassy yard. Among other boats the new RM 1260 is here.
That is about the performance of my boat. With 14K at 90º the boat goes at 8.5K with 20º of heel, solid as a rock. Even my wife has got used to the speed. Very light at the wheel too.

But I am still learning: First time I got over 30K wind I blew both sails

I don't understand why the previous owner had a 3rd reef on the main sail if the sail hardly can hold with the wind that the 2nd reef can manage (35K).

I am in Preveza, near Levkas where I could find a marina that called me a sailmaker (Cleopatra Marina, good and inexpensive). Problem sorted out but now I need to start looking for good offshore sails. My wife said that these rip off like paper. She was used to the Elvstrom offshore (tafeta sails) that we had in our boat and I have to say that they could sustain much more abuse for many years without any problem.

The sailmaker says that I have medium racing kevlar sails, good for 15 to 18K of wind

I have already changed the front sail to a dracon one (that came with the boat), but that is a very basic sail.

Originally Posted by JAndersB View Post
Anorher intersting notice from the big Tjörn Runt race that took place last weekend (around 430 boats took part) is that the new H-R 412 won it's class and was 8th overall (with furling main). Overall winner and 3 more of the top ten boats where First 40.
Thank to post about this. I will check it out better.
No doubt that the new Halberg Rassy, cored hull and hi-tech sails has little in common with HR from some years back. These ones can sail

That's kind of a joke but now that I have been sailing for almost 2 months in one of the areas with more sailboats around I can make some comments about sailboat performance in the real world:

Typical big production sailboats sail well (and we can see them really sailing) except upwind with more than 15K. Heavy boats don't sail with light wind and the vast majority don't sail at all. When there is enough wind for them to sail I guess that it is too much wind for most of the crews). The few ones that I found sailing with lots of wind 18/25K sailed well, specially upwind with waves and that is the point of sail that shows a smaller diferencial of speed, comparing to my boat.



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