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Re: Hanse 345

Originally Posted by daviid View Post
Hi Folks

It has been a while but I am still a regular visitor to this forum. My focus has become more boat specific so I spend a lot more time on the Hanse owners forum as a Hanse 350 owner. It is an amazing resource for anyone new to sailing and covers a range of topics that are boat specific or general in nature.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post. Hanse will be premiering a new boat that is to replace the Hanse 355 which replaced the Hanse 350 called the Hanse 345 at the Southampton Boat show. I don't think I can upload an image of the new boat from my iPad so have a look at this link. It is a stunning looking boat IMHO
Hanse Yachts

My thoughts on the new Hanse 345

LOA/LWL- 10.40/9,50

Slightly shorter than the H350. Longer waterline length favours the 350.

Beam - 3.50

Slightly less beamy than H350 whose beam is 3.55. Surprised they didn't introduce chines for even better form stability

Displacement - 6.2 tons

About the same as the H355 with its non cored top sides but quite a bit heavier then the H350 at 5,763 with it's cored topsides. Hanse's are not the lightest cruiser/ performance cruisers around

Keel - 2,030

Love the torpedo keel even if they do snag laid lines from time to time They have made this a stiffer boat with better reserve stability by increasing the weight relative to the displacement compared to the H355. I would say that the form stability will be the same.

Draught - 1.87

Decent draught, similar to H350 and H355. Good balance between windward performance and being able to go places

Sail area - Mainsal - 32.5: Jib - 22.5 Total 55

Less sail area than H350 which has 35 mainsail and 29.6 headsail giving total of 64.9. A heavier boat with less sail area and less waterline length will make the H345 cruisier in nature and slower than the H350.
Set up is still with large mainsail and self tacking headsail which should be controlled IMHO by at least a pad eye in the cockpit set-up and preferably a main sheet traveller in the cockpit and not mid boom sheeting.. Not sure if this is offered as an option but if it is I don't see where it would fit given the size of the cockpit table.
One of the design options more and more nautical architects are going for is to split the cockpit into a working area and a chilling out area. Usually the area behind the helm is treated as the working area and it is here that the traveller is sometimes accommodated. If I look at the length of the boom though, I don't think they have gone for this. A pity.
They have lowered the mast height quite a bit to 15.75 versus 16.43 on the H350 but don't seem to have compensated for the reduction by introducing a fathead mainsail or roach. There seems to be an adjustable backstay which is a good thing in my view. Many of the new boats are doing out without this.

SA/D - 17.6. D/L - 202

This compares with 20.5 and 182 for the H350. The boat must be slower and cruisier in nature. The twin wheels cockpit table and bathing platform seem to confirm this

B/D - 32.7 L/B - 2.97

Versus 32% and 2.98 for the H350. Both boats will be stiff particularly considering most of the weight is in the bulb. Still would have liked a chine personally for even more safety.


Still dont like the nav station. Looks like an after thought on the H345 and the H350/355
They seem to have improved stowage in the saloon
Poor transom design on H350 way better on the new H345 - no longer all that wasted space behind the quarter berths.
Like the clutch layout in front of the winches being led aft. Don't like only having 2 winches though
Love the new hatch and port layout for loads of light down below.
Love having the chartplotter at the helm
Hopefully they have sorted out a bowsprit. Have always thought that this aspect has been overlooked on the Hanse's. The Dufour 335 has an amazing removable bowsprit.
Shrouds are taken outboard which has some advantages but a major disadvantage in that you can't fit a big overlapping genoa which you can do on the H350 (but not on the H355) :-))))

I am sure the boat will be a dream to sail and the proof is in the way she sails. It does seem though that Hanse are moving the Hanse range towards the cruisier side and Dehler is occupying the performance cruiser side.
Very nice post. Thanks for posting it

I guess you are right. Now that HR is making faster boats, Hanse is making slower boats

But I guess you are right, it seems a very nice cruising boat, more pointing to leisure cruising than to sport sailing. That is understandable, now that Hanse owns Dehler and we will see probably Hanse pointing more to family leisure cruising and Dehler to performance cruising.

It seems to be a stiff and very easy boat to sail , but not my cup of tea. I guess that I preferred the Hanse when they where faster.

Best Regards

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