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Re: A boat story

Ah my colonial brothers, how strange your laws are at times to us from the old country :-)

I once got a letter 2 days after returning from whisking my wife away (to be know hence with as the “old boat”) for a weekend in Paris a letter from her solicitors, saying she was divorcing me:-( No not the best of news I agree, but such is life, her claims where simple, she wanted the house, I should pay half the mortgage. Simple as I say, but she made no claim for our four children.

I was stowed on to the sofa for six months whilst the divorce went through, needless to say there was some heavy water (although there was quite a bit of familiarity that did leave me some what confused at times!) However I digress, the day of the court arrived, the “old boat” went with the mother and father in law, and off I went.

To cut the story short, here is what happened:

1) I had simply asked from her the children (I got full custody, she had failed to mention the children in her divorce letter or proceedings!)
2) I was given the house, the judge deciding that the children needed somewhere to live.
3) she has to pay maintenance to myself for her own children (although getting money out of someone who doesn’t work and hasn’t worked in 20 years is a little hard)
4) she was permitted to keep the car we had bought 10 months earlier for her along with the finance that went with it!

Did I think I had much of a chance at the start, no, but he who dares!

I now own my first beautiful yacht the kids and I love sailing on her and learning as we sail around the Mediterranean , things are very good, all the junior crew are doing very well academically and nautically. I couldn’t be happier I still miss the “old boat” occasionally but not often, my junior crew say I have “upgraded” which I quite like. As for a "new boat" I now have younger model where I stow my anchor which has a better aspect, no bottom blisters (on this one), all the fittings are original and in excellent condition for her age, she turns many a sailors head and this one says thank you when I take her to Paris!

That’s how we do it in the UK, but it takes a big pair to see it through.

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