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Re: The Galley - Must Haves, Don't Needs & Wish List

Originally Posted by bljones View Post
Well, duh. You live on an island. A big one, but still...

ha bloody ha ... hey its not the island thats the problem its the water surrounding it ....

Nice to know you drop tongs over board as well. Floaties eh ? What a grand idea. Pity the bloody boat show was last month.

Other stuff.

I last used a pressure cooker thirty years ago so yep this is going to be an experiment but we do a lot of casserole type things in winter and when cooked conventionally that is an awful lot of fuel burnt. I like that the one we have chosen is relatively shallow so we can use it as a frying pan to kick off a dish and then seal it up to do the time intensive stuff.

We are lucky and have a boat big enough to store both china and glass plus melamine. If however it came to the crunch I'd go melamine and we always use the stuff when offshore or coastal. To be frank, I do not like Corian one little bit. Yep, it can withstand impact pretty well but get it at the right angle and blammo, goes off like a car windscreen. An absolute mongrel to clean up. Now I know this puts me into crotchety old fart territory but I am never going to use plastic goblets. If I'm going to drink wine out of plastic then it will be a tumbler. Plastic goblets are just plain silly. Grumble grumble grinch grinch.

Ye verily to those who speak of resealable containers but try and avoid round. Square or rectangular shapes waste less space and tend to be easier to access from front opening lockers. Positive lock seals, not just push on lids. If you take them off the boat and dishwash them be careful. The seals do not like super hot water unless of course they are silicon.

While I don't much like alcohol stoves I can see their value in a minimal kitchen but I doubt I'd ever want one as a BBQ. Nonetheless and given that in Sydney we have more than the occasional rainless days and a summer that lasts longer than a fleeting moment we do get good use from our BBQ unlike it seems our more sodden Canadian cousins.

Yea to sauces, spices and herbs but also to chorizo, salami and the like in sausage form. Hang 'em up in the galley and they will last for yonks.

Knives knives knives, yes yes yes.

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