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Originally Posted by DINKS14 View Post
So we pulled the trigger and it's all working out (rather smoothly, which has us worried) that we'll be sailing our new (to us) liveaboard cruiser, a 1978 43' Gulfstar Mark II down to our marina this weekend! Over the next 3 weeks we'll be moving aboard and doing the purge of all of our land life possessions. We've already gotten rid of all the furniture and anything that for sure isn't going aboard but we haven't yet dealt with our kitchen. So I thought I'd get some advice from seasoned liveaboards...
  • What are the must-haves in the galley?
  • What did you move aboard that you ended up never needing/using?
  • If you had a wish list for your galley what would it be?
  • Do you really need to only use plastic plates, cups, etc?
  • Any refits to your storage/cabinetry that you did that was a gamechanger?
  • Moisture issues for cooking ingredients?

I really like to cook and can be pretty ambitious at times which I don't expect will stop once aboard, just change. I want to be sure we have what we need to cook up good, nutritious and hearty food to get through our first winter aboard in New Hampshire!

Any tips, lists, thoughts would be very appreciated!

I have been living aboard for three years ... and I do enjoy eating well ... one of life's pleasures ... so I will give you my experience ... please temper knowing that I am not cruising ... sailing abit but still with 110 dockside power and I am on a Cal 28 ... with a small galley ...

game changer for me was a Norcold 3.1 cu ft refrigerator 12vdc/110vac ... first item I purchased for the boat and got it for $50 off of craig's list ... runs like a champ even tho' it is now about 9 years old ... mounted it in the former locker next to the V berth and was worried at first I'd hear it running but it soon became just another known noise that I never notice ... small freezer that allows for some ice and a fee frozen goodies ... large enough refrig to keep milk ... meat and a couple of day's goodies ...

must haves for me ...

- microwave (sharp halfpint) ... good for reheating leftovers quickly and warming soups as well as keeping bread stuffs rather fresh
- Bodum young coffee press

after trying several drip/perc makers ... this just works for me ... and makes great coffee (and tea) ... that I live on ...

- bought several plastic grind salt pepper containers from Trader Joes (less than $2 ea filled) ... and simply replace with bulk ... never a problem with moisture/sticking as you grind it all

- weber smoky joe grill

keep it in the dock box along with the charcoal ... nothing better for Friday night steaks on the dock ...

- although I keep paperplates aboard (usually in festive tropical design that are from Big Lots) ... when I have company ... or just want to spoil myself it's good to have something more ahhh ... refined ... thus from Ikea ...

holds a full meal with a lip to reduce any spills ... color matches the boat ... and reduces the number of plates to wash ... and has matching bowls that are relatively inexpensive ... btw I used corelle for 10 years before moving aboard ... and only broke one dish ... would use it again but I like these better ...

- same for glasses ... yes I have the plastic ... wine included ... but sometimes it is good to just splurge ... have a couple of wine glasses ... and a set of good tumblers in orange and turquoise again to match the color scheme ...

- for storage containers ... I found OXO to be too expensive ... and also the top lid (pressure) wasted space ... so I stick with Snapware

relatively inexpensive and works to keep moisture out ...

- again ... I found the collapsing bowls to be rather expensive but the colander and funnels are great and well used ...

- just moving to an LP stove and oven (current refurb going on) ... so in terms of cookware ... still using small and medium fry pan and a large sauce pan ... haven't tried the stackables yet as I am weary of the single handle ultimately getting loose ... I have a well used toaster oven that served me well but will be gone when the oven is installed ...

- numerous small flexible cutting boards ... hopefully finding a good one to install (hinged and hanging)

Hope this helps in some way ... and best of luck

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