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Re: Tips for Living Aboard Catalina 27'

Seems you have asked questions but don't like the answers you are getting.

Originally Posted by sashlyk View Post
why woudl i fill my pillows with sweaters? and number things? It's a small boat. You people sound like you live in a bad version of a trailor park. this is the worst advice for something so simple
Filling pillow cases with sweaters is actually a very good suggestion. Many cruisers do this, to maximize storage. You get storage and a useable pillow. Sweaters are quite bulky so this really helps free up locker space. They are often not used for a long time, but very welcome when needed. Come winter you can fill the pillow cases with shorts and tee shirts.(just keep the buttons and zippers facing inwards) Not at all "trailer park."

Originally Posted by sashlyk View Post
yeah, I'm looking more for decorative storage advise, but apparently people who live on boats are not very smart.
Most people here actually sail there boats, even the few that live aboard. They are not interested in "decorative storage" but in fact ways that work regardless of how they look. If all you are looking for to get out of your boat is someplace to live and will never leave the dock, you are in fact the one looking for a "trailer park" existence. By the way I have known several very nice and well educated people who have or do live in trailer parks so I would not use that as a pejorative.

If you are looking for suggestions on "decorative storage" I am sure HGTV has a nice design webpage.

Originally Posted by sashlyk View Post
I don't have that much stuff - I am thinking about building a shelving unit for shoes and whatnot. How are people on here so dense! It is not hard to live in a small space. Ever lived in a studio??!
You asked for suggestions, got them and then gave nasty responses to the serious suggestions. This is not a small living space website, it is a SAILING website. A Catalina 27 is a very small boat to live on if you expect to have things ship shape and be able to sail at a moment's notice. And yes a few days is very little time to get ready for this. Also a 27 foot sailboat is a LOT smaller than a studio. Some small boats actually have a lot of built in storage and are designed to be lived on for long term out cruising, such as the Albin Vega 27 and the Flicka 20 foot sailboats. The Catalina 27 does not have much built in storage.

Besides moving aboard, I hope to soon be building a micro house, one about 100 square feet in size. So I have given this small place living a lot of thought. Now if the Catalina is the only option you have then you have to make it work, but it would not be my first choice of boats to live on. I am sure it can be done, but it will be tough.

You can use plastic bins for storage in the quarter births. They won't be pretty, but you might be able to move them around to find stuff.

Are you aware of the issues with condensation and general wetness on a boat? Especially in colder damp weather. Yes people live aboard boats in Alaska and Mane but they take big efforts to heat without adding moisture. Many use dehumidifiers full time or suffer from mold and mildew issues.

Keep in mind the boat is constantly moving even at a dock. If you don't properly secure clothing an other things correctly you will experience chafe. If you just hang clothes in a locker, don't be surprised if you pull out a nice shirt for work and find it has holes where it rubbed against a bolt head in the side of the locker.

The way you asked the question does not make it sound like you are really prepared to do this. I hope I am wrong. I have spent a few years doing research, but I don't have to do it, I am choosing to do it. I have others in my life that I have to accommodate (children) so I can't just jump in with out being prepared.
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