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Re: Hurricane leslie coming north, need I be concerned?

Originally Posted by CalebD View Post
The Sand Hole is not far from where the 34' Silverton capsized on July 4th this year drowning 3 children.

I have the utmost respect for Jon Eisberg and I know that he has many more miles under his keel then I can ever hope to achieve, BUT I would not recommend using the Sand Hole in anything less then ideal conditions. There is a rock jetty at the entrance that sort of shows on that chart snippet but I would not trust the depth readings.
Back in June a local sailor who had been going there for 25 years holed his O'Day 37' on these rocks: O'Day 37 1982 Total Loss -

The best thing about the Sand Hole is that it is right off the Sound so you don't waste a lot of time looking for shelter several miles into the harbors. It is a beautiful spot too but with so many other places to anchor (inside Oyster Bay, Huntington Bay etc.) that are easy and safe to get to and protected I'd stay away.
Thanks for the kind words, Caleb, but your recommendation may very well be the better one, in this case...

Perhaps I should have clarified mine, I was assuming he'd be arriving at Lloyd Neck when the breeze would still be out of the south, and of course in daylight... Even with a good breeze blowing, I can't imagine the entrance posing much of a problem, but again it's probably been 6-8 years since the last time I was in there, perhaps things have changed...

One thing I do like about the Sand Hole for a frontal passage, with only the low spit of sand between you and the Sound, it's easy to assess the conditions outside after the wind goes NW... Anchored back up inside some of the bays, that's often more difficult to do, and it's much easier to get fooled by what's really going on in the open Sound untill you're out there...

The Sand Hole is more ideally suited for riding out a blow from anywhere from the S to NE... I once hunkered down in there for about 36 hours during a big northeaster years ago, it was amazing with all the high ground around how relatively still it was in there... It's a beautiful spot, especially during the off season, or if you happen to have it to yourself...
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