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Re: marina etiquette question

Originally Posted by tspooner View Post
I don't know if all pump out facilities are the same or different as I've only visited my local one once in the year that I've had my boat. I secured the boat myself then searched out the dock attendant who handed me a nozzle which I inserted into the waste hole on the deck then he flicked a switch. When the pumping was finished he flicked the switch off and handed me a garden hose which I inserted into the hole and he turned on a tap. We repeated the first step over again now that I knew what my function was and then we were done. I paid him the standard $10.00 and neither one of us got a tip! When I was a kid I worked at a gas station and pumped the fuel, cleaned the customers windows (without asking) and checked the underhood liquid levels (after asking). The customers never got out of their cars and I never ever got a tip. It didn't occur to me that marina/boat service would be any different.
I don't think that scenario would generate a gratuity from me either.

My last pump out was done by calling the pump out boat to come to me. The gentlemen pulled up, tied himself off, opened my deck fitting pumped the boat out, closed my deck fitting, then hosed off the area on my deck and topsides with his hose even though he was careful not to spill a drop. He was pleasant and we shot the breeze about the weather and boating and whatnot during the 10 minute process. I gave him a ten bucks. Usually it's five, but, that's all I had and it was too nice a day to ask for change.

Oh, there is no fee for pump out boats in my neck of the woods. I can even order one online and schedule it ahead of time. I don't even have to be on the boat (I don't feel comfortable doing that, but the option is there.)

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