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Re: Helms 25 Running Rigging Info

Posted this at Helms Forum BOAT U.S. also. Update on our Helms 25:

Got two aft windows out. Got all cushions out and covers off. No mold! All will have to be re-sewn, but are intact. Considering we bought her with a foot of water in the bilge that had been there long enough to leave multiple waterlines, this is great! Inside the bilge looks clean and intact. Core material is all gone to mush because deck hardware had been removed from cabin top and forward hardware leaked around fastening. Exterior hull appears sound except for small voids that were done when the original mat was laid into the gelcoat without adequate attention to removing bubbles. Fabmat is well-saturated and intact. Fiberglas base under compression post has crunched down about 3/8"-1/2" with resultant outward bulge and cracks about an inch below the post. Previous owners had wedged in galvanized 1" pipe pieces (2) on an angle with 3 squares of 1/16" stainless underneath on the hull which were loose and not doing any useful function. Will beef up the area, perhaps with a double wishbone over the centerboard trunk down to the hull with a cross piece under the compression post base...... Most of the remaining deck hardware shows leakage through the deck - rusty fastening, stained wood backer plates. All will be replaced after core is replaced.

Got the keel down - amazingly good condition considering the age. attachment hole for lift cable was intact and still fairly strong. Some rust flaking along the leading edge, low and the trailing edge as well. But not too bad. Upper section still has hard square shoulders. Cable has a couple of meathooks near the top and winch is pretty rusty but sound. Any ideas what to do after removing rust to minimize salt-water assault on the metal? Paint, grease? Got everything loose out of the boat yesterday, all wood and fasteners from inside, carpet is out. Going to pressure wash, pump out and sponge up as much as possible, then set some exhaust fans to dry out inside. Planning to replace the bulkheads with a stronger material and put a crown of cedar 2" stock at the overhead for better support of the ceiling. Looking to replace the inside hardware for the shrouds that fasten through to the bulkhead out to the outside hull with to stainless chain plates and stainless steel backer plates. We have seen some weather off this west coast in winter that would challenge what we are seeing for standing rigging on this Helms 25. So far, so good. All-in-all, it looks do-able. Would still like to know if the stamped in '25' on the little aluminum plate inside the transom on the starboard side is the hull number. All the rest of the tag was printed on in paint. Anyone else have a 72 with that plate and a stamped number?
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