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Re: new 120% genoa

I have a 110 made of North Nor-lam, got maybe 4 season out of it, very few miles/races! In the mean time, my 155 is an ullman fiberpath, not sure how many miles. tacks, racs etc, still pulling very well at 3 yrs.

Personally, some of the laminates are less than 20% more compared to woven, the performance parts last longer etc. so why not spend the difference. Along with true laminate's will not stretch in equal or the upper range of a given sail, so you do not heel or loose speed as much.

My def of true laminates would be my fiberpath, 3dl, Ullmans CAL, some of the mylar with carbon or other scrim in the middle. The norlam while a laminate, it is still mostly dacron.

As mentioned, which sail size to choose will depend. I have a code 2 ie small spin, I get a 9 sec credit for it, yeah it is 600#vs my 155 at 345. but going downwind wing on wing with the 155, I seem to go faster than the smallish cruise spin I have. SO while I am 9 secs slower in rating, I go about the same speed. So going with a smaller sail in this case, has no advantage.

Same as a folding vs nonfolding prop. Locally you get 9 secs for a fixed 2 blade vs a folder. One goes MORE than 9 secs a mile faster with a folder than a fixed, Even the Campbell. So if one is wanting to race reasonably competitive, one needs a folding prop vs a fixed.

Yesterday the wind was in the 10-20 range, initially, so we thru up a 140 vs 155, we still did 7+ down wind a few time, beat boats rated upwards of 15 secs faster in our division etc. Once the wind calmed down to the 15 knot range, the 155 went up, gained the lost 1/4 to 1/2 knot as the wind died. A 110 would have been slower yet as the wind went down!


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