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Re: Is ELCI needed if AC only runs to GFCI outlets?

This is the setup I was trying to describe.

[a: 30A Shore Power] ------------\
                     [b: 30A Double Pole Breaker]
                          /                 \
                          |                 |
                          |                 |
                          |                 |
                          |                 |
                 [c: 15A Breaker]     [f: 10A Breaker]
                          |                 |
                          |                 |
                          |                 |
                          |        [g: GFCI outlet on panel]
              [d: GFCI outlet in locker]
                 [e: Battery Charger]
Would adding an ELCI breaker between (a) and (b) -- or replacing (b) with an ELCI breaker -- actually make things safer in this configuration?

As I see it, the places where a ground fault are likely to occur are in (e) and things plugged into (g). Each of which come right after a 5ma RCD.

What would a 30ma RCD between (a) and (b) be protecting me from?

I could see the value in a more complex system containing enough branches to cumulatively exceed 30ma residual current without tripping any individual 5ma GCFI outlet or with any non-GCFI branches.

This is a legitimate question, I'm not trying to be difficult.
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