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Re: I'll start here ......

Hi! WOW ! Thanks everyone for for all the great responses! That helps me tons .....

So let start at the top, so there should be no problem with me looking at the old survey right? And yes, I would get my own survey done AFTER I make a decision on the boat it’s just a matter of picking the right boat. Again, I've "just" started looking at the live aboard life so right now 40' seems to be a nice place to start and for one person probably pretty damm comfy. To me right now the focus first is: Can I get a boat that’s comfortable to live on but still have the ability to “pop out“ of the marina to go fish and play once in a while? That’s where I’m at with my decision making process right now. How dumb is that, so I’m posting here to ask the experts. Am I on the right page or should I be thinking about …… XYZ first !

For example, after reading reading Paradise Parrot’s comment about sitting on 300 gal of gas every day …. Holy crap! He knows what he’s talking about, did I think of that? Oh heck no, duh, so now that I’ve pretty much gone off the idea of gasoline and now I’m looking at diesel …. Thanks Parrot, decision one has been made.

So now it’s on to the powerboat versus sailboat and the type of boat to pick. I think for me, not knowing anything about seamanship, navigation, etc, the powered vessel with a motor or two seems a bit safer and a nicer way to learn. When we fish our massive reservoirs here in Alberta (grin) we have the main, our kicker and a little ol trolling motor so between the 3 motors we'll get back to the dock somehow. I kind of want that if I go out in that big ocean stuff on weekends, and I'd confine myself to inside passages and right around home for at least a year till I learn what I need to know.

So generic sedan or trawler or sailboat, I have a friend that has offered to take me out for a month in Hawaii on a 58’ sailboat to start to learn the craft and I would be taking navigation courses and stuff as well since I have a ton of things to learn … but I’m still stuck on power and I have it in my head that it seems to be a safer and easier way to learn the basics. So again folks …. Am I right or wrong?

I also have the budget to think of …… I’d like to get a boat for $100K or less, is that achievable!? I scientifically pull that number out of my butt but it’s not carved in stone. I have one marina picked out that’s pretty much setup as a live aboard community with mostly live aboard’s and floating homes in it near Victoria, Canada I’m looking at about $600/mo for a my permanent slip so that works for me.

I found Brain’s comments about sailboat’s being better to live aboard over an affordable motor yacht really interesting – can anyone add to that!? With my limited knowledge about this overall I would have thought it to be the other way around.

I also like Brain’s suggestion of a trawler over the sedan but since I will be doing this all myself I’d “like” to get a boat suitable for a permanent live aboard solution first and worry about it actually moving later. So my focus is semi-retirement sitting on my butt in the marina and watching TV and just relaxing, so it’s more of a home than a blue water cruiser for me right now. I’ve seen a couple of 34’ foot boats that seem OK for one person and I’ve played on a 26’ boat that was definitely too small for me personally as a live aboard.

Lastly, one odd question , I have a friend of a friend that owns a Sea Spirit PassageMaker 60 Yacht that has the single Lugger 1276 engine but he also has a Keypower hydraulically driver “get-home” system ….. I can’t find much out there on that, does anyone know what that is?

Thanks again for all your comments and suggestions …… yea, it’s a sailboat forum …. with people who know what they’re talking about – works for me!

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