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Re: I'll start here ......

Originally Posted by davecason View Post

So generic sedan or trawler or sailboat, I have a friend that has offered to take me out for a month in Hawaii on a 58’ sailboat to start to learn the craft and I would be taking navigation courses and stuff as well since I have a ton of things to learn … but I’m still stuck on power and I have it in my head that it seems to be a safer and easier way to learn the basics. So again folks …. Am I right or wrong?
I don't think the typical trawler has a trolling motor, or could get far on it if it had one.

The typical guy with twin 454's doesn't leave the dock. And he can't honestly answer you on his burn rate because he doesn't know (have experimentally verified this) - I think if he knew he'd have sold the boat .

It's true a trawler has more room. But the sailboat will get you home if the wind is blowing, and you can still motor (maybe about the same speed!). A cruising sailboat will carry a pretty good motoring range worth of diesel. It's true there is more to learn with a sailboat - but maybe that's good. The average dufus gets behind the wheel of his SeaRay like it's his BMW and could be in real trouble when the weather gets nasty, let alone be a hazard to others.

Powerboats have to learn navigation too. Of course they all just use the chartplotter...cheaters. But heck the Bums sailed around the world with one.

At least for the ones I've met the sailors have a monopoly on seamanship. My theory is that because everyone expects sailing to take some skill, sailors are more in tune to trying to learn and improve constantly. The surprising thing is, it doesn't take that much to figure out how to get the sails into decent trim and get the boat moving - though maximizing your abilities is a lifetime's work.

Also sailboats are much more awesome. And better looking (the boats, not just the sailors...).
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