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Re: Optimal propulsion system

I'm sorry but there is no such thing as free energy. Even if the oil companies did own such patents, there would be so much money to be made from this technology that oil would be the least of their reasons to suppress it. There will always be a need for oil even if an energy source to replace it was found. There will allways be a need for lubes, plastics, and yes fuel derived from fossil fuel. If the technology existed, someone would have produced it anyway. China and others certainly do not recognize US patent laws. Just having a patent on an idea does not mean that it can be used in a real life setting either. So yeah, we may have a breakthrough sometime in the future, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it. I like the ideas some have put forth around sound and vibration dampening. A good muffler design makes a big difference too. Most marine diesels I have seen are very crude and vibrate much more than need be. A good balancer system with a big heavy flywheel will go a long way toward making these small diesels more enjoyable to live with.


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Fortunately those patents that the oil companies bought, were taken out in the 1930's. Yes, the conspiracy goes that far back and the good news is, the patents are due to run out soon!

Heard about a man in Florida who got on the news because the patent office sent his "maintenance" payment bill to Microsoft somehow instead of him, and now they wanted $2500 plus a $1600 late fee because he did't pay on time. What's the patent for? Wells, he's calls it a generator, and says once the battery starts it, the magnets in it makes enough power to keeps it running and supply more power, no more battery or other power source needed, and it can run your car or power a whole building in a blackout and hes just waiting for investors to back it.

Yessir, an electrical generator that needs a battery to start it, but then puts out power forever without any input or fuel. And he's actually GOT THE PATENT ON IT.

Dave, contact the man, you won't need that battery bank. And he's looking for investors.
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