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Wow....Some of these items/lists

Here is what I do/Say:

Email directions/what to bring list to folks a few days ahead of time:

Summer list: (Depending on temp)
- Shorts/Lightweight UPF long pants
- Non marking shoes/sneakers
- Hat (We have extra on board)
- Short or Lightweight long sleeve shirt
- Sunglasses
- Any sunscreen that you like - We have some too, but if you like a special flavor, bring it.
- Take motion/seasick medication if you are prone to sick. We have some too, but it works best if you have it working before you get on the boat.

When on boat -

- Go below deck and store gear and then show where head is and instructions
- Show where fire extinguishers are
- Show where radio is and instructions on how to use (they are laminated next to radio). I may ask you to call for help if the situation arises.
- Hand out life jackets - Adjust
- Head top sides and pull out throwables.
- Go over MOB instructions which are: 1) Person seeing MOB is only responsible for thing - EYES ON PERSON AT ALL TIMES UNTIL PERSON IS BACK IN BOAT (That is stressed). 2) Other folks are to throw every floatation cushion overboard to person and instruct helmsman on location while maneuvering. 3) Person overboard to remain calm and not swim to boat unless instructed. Boat will come to you. Floatation device will keep you afloat.
- Talk about boat heel - Tell everyone if the feel uneasy about any heel angle, let me know. We can possibly minimize.
- Tell everyone if they feel nauseated or ill in anyway, let captain know. We will head in. Seasickness is something thing that doesn't quickly get better and you typically won't improve as the day goes on.
- No one out of cockpit unless okayed by captain.
- If I ask you to do something quickly, it's not because I want to make you work, it is either because your are doing something that could lead to something worse if not addressed immediately or you are in an unsafe situation.
- You can steer or pull lines as much or as little as you want. If you just want to do nothing, that is okay, we can do it all ourselves.

After all the questions are address and everyone is ready, I pull out a Learn To Sail book and ask one of the guests to turn to the part where talks about how to hoist the sail and read it to me. Gets a smile/laugh from everyone and hopefully puts them at ease.

Total time from coming aboard to when we are ready to start hoisting the mainsail and casting off about 8-10 minutes.


If you liked my advice/response, give me some rep points. If you didn't......well what do you expect, it was free.
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