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Originally Posted by sea_hunter View Post
ALL of MDR is owned by LA county. It's like an Indian reservation, the land is only leased under strict contract to real estate management companies with deep pockets. It's a county cash cow as the county gets a slice of every rental on MDR. In part the contracts state that the leasee will maintain the dockage within the basins they lease. Marina Harbor Anchorage in A basin is probably the best maintained, and has great amenities but the management leaves something to be desired. Boater's and their boats are treated like window dressing. As far as I'm concerned they should tear down every apartment in MDR and turn it into a park with a marina. As it stands the apartment tenants with no more investment than a month to month payment have more say than the boaters who've got hundreds of thousands invested in their boats. It's actually kind of sad.
I heard that myth, but according to the USCG when I filed the first set of federal charges, against anyone who is not a federal official, claiming jurisdiction of an international harbor claimed by the US Congress in Code Of Federal Regulations title 33 sec 80. I was told that they could not arrest anyone because know one is stupid enough to claim jurisdiction of an international harbor claimed in CFR 33 sec. 80. (80.1118 has been known as MDR since 1961 when Senator Roosevelt’s bill HR (I think it was 157 Not diging the paperwork out for that.) authorized the name change, form play a del Rey to MDR. the last $525,000 to finish MDR was in President Kennedys 1961 budget.
Mr ____ at beaches and harbors, when I informed him I had filled charges of impersonating a federal official, violating 2 articles 3 sections of the US Constitution, A Congressional charge of Negligence, 2 international treaties, 3 rulings of the US Congress between 1993 - 2000, where the Congress quoted the US Supreme court, Gibbons’ v Ogden 1824, Code Of Federal Regs. 33, 36, 41, 46, 49, and one count of solicitation of a bribe, Did I forget misappropriation of federal funds(Because the US Congress claims every penny from use fee's to Fees for sales, services, and fees) .. and I wanted a copy of the land loan agreement authorizing him to claim jurisdiction of an international harbor claimed by the US Congress in CFR 33 sec 80.1118, he turned white as a sheet, and ran from the room 8 minutes later he returned and gave me the web page for the National parks department telling me it's there land, I'd have to talk to them. and added that the army corp. of engineers issue all building, permits (CFR 36.327 Don't miss 22 No one can live here without written authorization from the District commander. If you are saying the I took a class with the USCGA, and they said it is California. I took that Class, walked out and filled a complaint with the district commanders office. When the USCGA head contacted me he said he didn't think anyone could be that stupid.)
Marina Del Rey basically a US Territory, in 1972 the COLREG treaty ( YES it was a treaty, like President Wilson's 14 point plan written into the treaty of Versa, Not signed by congress, but put into effect after the COLREG was signed.) Under CFR 33 Navigation, 36 ongoing water works projects, 41 Federal land leases, 46 Shipping, 49 National parks land. Not to mention US Constitution article 1, sec 8 Powers of Congress) and Article 3 sec 2 Admiralty Law As cited by the US Supreme court Gibbons v Ogden 1824.
The tax collectors under appear dismissed my property tax & sales tax bill on my boat. It's national parks land.
Why is it left this way. we'll in 1884 the culver city swamp land was bought by the publisher of the LA Times, to build an international harbor, Old Man Hunt (Owner of the SM pier, street cars, hotel, oh yea and a Rail road that handled all cargo shipping, because he owned the pier, who reportedly said "I see no benefit to me to having a harbor here." they lobbied Congress, old man Hunt won, the harbor went to Rattle snake Island (LA Harbor) and the swamp was donated to Otis’s club, The West Chester Gun Club, through the early 20th century, swamp development was visited, but went now where. eventually the Federal government and LA County entered into a contract, the Federal government (Army Corp Of Engineers) would build the harbor. & Parts of the county government would receive a delegation of authority, to Operate it.
To make a 126 year old story short. The Members of The West Chester Gun Club. Chuck told me he was run off by a man on a bulldozer. when I asked him why he went the club owned the property, he said he didn't know why he went. Bet the Austrians ask the same question about 39.
When it comes down to it as the Sheriffs told my lawyer when he told them they had to take a report concerning an accident I was in at Admiralty & Mindanao. He was told. “We don’t have to take a report, It’s not our jurisdiction, We only do apartment burglaries, in MDR It’s the CHPs Jurisdiction.
The Sherriff’s are show fearing the US Coast Guard. As in CFR 33v sec 1.07-5 definitions ((c) The term issuing officer means any qualified Coast Guard commissioned, warrant, or petty officer. & § 80.1118 Marina Del Rey, CA. & § 80.01 General basis and purpose of demarcation lines.

(a) The regulations in this part establish the lines of demarcation delineating those waters upon which mariners shall comply with the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972 (72 COLREGS) and those water upon which mariners shall comply with the Inland Navigation Rules.
(b) The waters inside of the lines are Inland Rules waters. The waters outside the lines are COLREGS waters.
(c) Geographic coordinates expressed in terms of latitude or longitude, or both, are not intended for plotting on maps or charts whose referenced horizontal datum is the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD 83), unless such geographic coordinates are expressly labeled NAD 83. Geographic coordinates without the NAD 83 reference may be plotted on maps or charts referenced to NAD 83 only after application of the appropriate corrections that are published on the particular map or chart being used.
[CGD 82–029, 47 FR 19519, May 6, 1982, as amended by CGD 83–003, 48 FR 7442, Feb. 18, 1983; CGD 86–082, 52 FR 33810, Sept. 8, 1987]
Where it changes from international tfo federal jurisdiction.
And of coarse Admiralty law extends as far from the water as an object can be discerned with the unaided eye.
You remember when the took a boat and went around and check, which is why MDR ends in the parking lot at Ralphs, the old train tracks (Now a bike path.)
JC Boyce.

Please don't tell me you think the federal agances that made these rullings and laws. It should be simple, the LAUSD taught MDR was not part of the state of California in 1967.
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