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Re: Another new sail question/rant

Jeff H, I've seen similar results from North 3DL's. aka 3 Days Long (how long they last). This was one of the big factors why I have chosen Q in the past, and will continue to do so.

A lot has to do with the sailmaker and owner/customer. If the customer wants a light sail, they sailmaker needs to explain that it will effect the longevity of the sail. I've also heard (read on sailing anarchy) that using the published numbers on Q's site and North's site, Q uses a lot more heat and pressure than North does. IMHO I believe North's sails are very fast, but they don't last very long.

In buying my 4th sail from Q I specifically asked for a higher dpi so it would deal with being overloaded a bit. I do a lot of distance races and longevity is important to me, even if they aren't taken care of all that well and turn out a bit on the heavy side.

Laminate sails require more care, which means no "late breaks" when tacking overlapping headsails, flake or roll them, put them away dry, and don't let them sit in the sun when not in use. NEVER furl them. I don't care if it's a "furling" J105 class jib. Furling is bad. The sport boats guys know this, accept it, and just replace the jib on a more frequent basis.

To the OP, if you've taken care of the sail, then you need to talk to your sailmaker. They obviously under spec'd the sail or you used it in a wind range higher than what was intended to be. There are a lot of discussions about how a laminate sail stays together. The type of glue, too many fibers and the mylar doesn't stick to each other very long(like in the corners) , to little, and the sail is under built, mylar takes the load, and the same thing happens. Delamination.

Since you mention "molded", "one piece", "continuous fibers", I must assume you're talking about North. They're not the only one who make string sails, so don't give up on em yet. Spend some more time talking to Ullman, Quantum, Evolution, etc. and see what they offer. Ask a lot of question from materials, manufacturing, R&D on your boat, everything. Sails aren't cheap, and after doing a bit of homework, you can usually get what you want.

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