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Re: I'll start here ......

Hi Guys,

Thanks again for the great advice folks, Yep, I think a diesel is the way to go too so now I need to find a boat. I never thought of that style of vessel but based on your suggestions I'll be going to Vancouver next week to look at some boats/trawlers. We'll see what we can find, and yep, I won't be going anywhere near blue water till I figure out what Iím doing and the fact that there are towing services available is nice, what is it AAA? (grin)

I do want to have a second motor on the boat anyway Ė I like the idea of a mount that would let me use the dinghyís motor in an emergency, and yep 15 HP would be a ďget-homeĒ engine if need be I guess. There is the learning curve to go thru for seamanship and especially navigation but Iíve got time, so at some point it would be nice to trundle up to Haines in the summers or maybe even runaway to the Baja Peninsula when the weather gets cold in Victoria but thatís a long way away.

Since I am looking at living in Victoria weather and insulation is going to be a factor in the boat as well and Iíd like to get a full camper back to enclose the rear deck for the colder seasons but Iíll have to get that made probably. On the boats Iíve looked at some have them but most donít so itís in the budget already. I guess itís a matter of looking at the construction and seeing whatís in the walls once I find a boat. You guys would know Ö.. what percentage of boats out there have decent insulation in them? In Victoria it can get down to 0 deg C in Victoria but thatís only for a while and being from Calgary, my biggest shock will be the humidity us prairie kids donít do humidity. I used to travel quite a lot and I tell ya when I go to Toronto in the winter and itís -10 you sure feel it, in Calgary being so dry thatís nothing. Some of the people Iíve talked to say a baseboard heater or two in the boat and plug them in, I dunno that works but I think the insulation will be something to consider.

I saw cruisingdreams comments about the beam as well, thatís one of the reasons Iím looking at power vs. sail, it seems like the wider boats would make a live aboard more comfy so there seems to be a tradeoff between beam and water friendly hull. ĖYes ? No ? I have no doubt that a sail boat would be great for cruising and the beam and design means that yep it will be a narrower and faster boat but I think for a first boat the power/trawler is the way to go for me.

Anyway, keep the suggestions and comment coming this is great !

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