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Re: Repair of broken hull around keel stub

Originally Posted by mainer24 View Post
When my skipper ran the boat into an underwater ledge, we didn't feel a shock or a stop, just heard a big noise, and the boat started taking water. Once pulled away from the ledge it sank in a minute :-( It's been salvaged a few days ago and I wonder if it can be fixed.!
Were you on the boat when it hit?
How fast were you going?
I'm surprised you didn't feel it more. What exactly did it feel like.

Would you mind sharing the salvage story?
I'm having a hard time visualizing it.

As far as what to do with the boat the process is pretty straight forward. Get someone over who is well respected and ask how much it is going to cost. During that discussion you will find out how many days it will take. If you plan on doing it yourself pick some whole number greater than one and multiply it by the professional number and you will have an idea.

The cost of Epoxy and fiberglass can add up even if you do the work yourself but usually it's days, tools, weather and dust control that makes this kind of job hard for first-timers.
But we don't know what your skills and background are but this is serious work.
Do you have insurance? If so they will pretty much control the ball.

I'm interested in more detail about the event.

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