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Re: Beach Cats in Rehab!

Smackdaddy. If you went sailing this weekend I'm sure you may have discovered the tiller connection on the crossbar limited the movement of the tiller to a specific angle. This would cause grief while sailing. If you look at the connections on the Hobies, Prindles, etc. you'll notice they allow for an up and down (vertical) and a side to side rotational movement of the tiller against/along the crossbar. This movement is necessary while sailing, since you and your crew (if any) move fore and aft and side to side on the trampoline while sailing and when changing direction in the water (tacking, gybing). The angle of the tiller has to change when doing so or the angle will be either too high or too low to be comfortable for the "helmsman."

Additionally, when changing directions, you throw the tiller in the water behind the boat, since it has to clear the mainsheet and then grab it when you get to the other side of the trampoline. Your idea was good with the conduit clamp, but you will have to work on that idea to accomplish the proper connection.

Another good idea on a catamaran is to make sure almost every part of the boat you could possibly come into contact with is not sharp or abrasive to skin in any way. Cats have a tendency to blow over. That's part of the learning curve and the fun of a Cat...flying a hull and/or hiking out on a trapeze. When they go over, someone is always coming in contact with something on the boat. I've been on the trap and have slammed into the tiller crossbar, the shrouds, the front forestay, almost everything on it, with new scars to show from each encounter. Wrap, tape, and smooth out everything you can.

The boat looks great though. People pay quite a bit for what you have done and now you know why. Not easy and not everyone could do it (even though you say so). You should have a blast when you work out all the bugs, but it's still a boat. So even though you wanted to keep it on the cheap, you'll be paying for it forever anyway. :-)

By the way, if that is your picture, you look an awful lot like someone. I just can't remember who. :-)
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