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Re: spare anchor

Originally Posted by Geoff54 View Post
This really relates to the “Let's talk about anchors some more” thread on the Seamanship forum but as the issue is being discussed here, this is where I thought I would post.

It makes me suspicious when I see a new member, Alternate Latitude, who has one post, praising Mantus, especially when there are certain things within that post that don't quite sound "right" … so, as I can’t go sailing right now, I though I’d look a little closer.

S S of Alternate Latitude used to own of a medical equipment supply company.
Greg is a physician.
One of S S business addresses is Seabrook, TX 77586
Mantus address is PO Box 1109, Seabrook, TX 77586 (BTW it always makes me nervous when a commercial entity only uses a PO Box as an address).

I’m also a bit curious about Joined Sailnet – 3 Mantus posts & 1 Mantus “like” - hasn’t posted since. Races in Galviston Bay and lists himself as a NASA Engineer. Guess where NASA’s Johnson Space Center is. Anyone guess Seabrook, TX? He’s been lurking so I wonder if he’ll post something else now I’ve drawn attention to him.

Hmmmmm!! Well, maybe it’s all just coincidence. What do you think?

And I also remembered something else…
From this forum: “We are going to offer a new promotion 25% off any anchor you buy for the next month only for SAILNET members.”

But at that time there was an offer already available and active on another forum: “Dear members of the ******** Forum, Mantus Anchors is offering 25% off all our anchors for members of this forum”

Hardly criminal but “only for SAILNET members” is somewhat disingenuous, don’t you think?

Opinions? Am I completely off base?
S S is a customer that wanted to help out and when he asked how he can help I suggested that we had some success with SAILNET and if he could write something on the forum I would appreciate it, the fact that he joined just to do that, well I think I will send him a gift
He is actually a really cool captain with a newly outfitted Catamaran Voyager 44. He is looking for crew to take the boat to the BVI if any one is interested.

Red Sky is an engineer at NASA, its actually a "SHE" who does consulting for Mantus and I disclosed it on Sailnet. See My posts about the bolts.

The first Deal we posted was "get the next size up for the price of this one"

After it expired we offered 25% off for one month only. We gave this offer to the Cruisers Forum as well. We were trying to get movement in the forums because its one of the few venues available to us for advertisement.

I hope this answers all the points....

Guys we have nothing to hide and we don't play dirty.....
We are a small privately owned company, I am an Emergency medicine doctor by trade and make my living working my day job, actually have to get up in 4 hours.
Anchor design was a hobby, I like solving puzzles and I wanted to make an anchor that has better setting ability than what's out there.
I am not here to full anyone, I just believe in this baby that's all.
You guys enjoy it out there and don't take life to seriously......!
BTW SAILNET is a great community and so far it has been a pleasure dealing with you guys! In fact this forum is where this company got its start!!!!
So thank you

EDITED BY CD: Removed Personal Info

Anchor Purveyor

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