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Re: spare anchor


Not sure what your burr in the saddle is, but to me, you seem a bit harsh towards Mantus.

Personally, I'm glad that Mantus has posted on this website, and that he saw fit to give Sailnetters (and Cruisers forum) a discount. He is trying to build a business and get his product out there. The situation is not at all unlike Rocna....lots of people beat up on the representative of that company in the way that he promoted his anchors....but there are now many more who swear by Rocna anchors. And then there's Manson Supreme, for which many people described as a knock off of Rocna and which rode Rocna's coat tail. But now there are lots of people who swear by Manson also. So along comes Mantus with a new claim (sets quicker) and a different construction for new generation spade types (bolted together). The company has run it's own tests like all the other companies and presents that data on its website. Have you gone to the website? It's evolving, not unusual for a new company. Want to contact them by other than website, call their phone's listed. How many other companies out there selling marine components (don't limit to just anchors) are making claims, showing their data, and putting up slick advertisements for their products? Everyone one of them. Do you question each one of them?

I bought one of the anchors at the discount as a spare. Probably didn't need it, but in the back of my mind for a long time, I've felt (and seen data/calculations) that suggest that I might not hold in a named storm with my original set up. Along comes Mantus with it's bolted construction, and I said that would do the job in combination with my other anchors, and can be disassembled for storage in cockpit locker. I bought one. Mantus delivered exactly what they said they would and quickly. I don't know where they are made, nor exactly where their office is, nor what grade of steel or its origin is. If China, so what. Tell me how many things made today don't have some components from China or other off shore location.

As to the performance, I don't know. The anchor looks good, but I have not tried it. May not for a long time. But several long time posters on this site have used it and posted their initial impressions on the website. So far they have been positive and tend to support the manufacturer's claims.

As to the discount. Most of us have limited money to put into this hobby. Had it not been the discount, I would not have bought the anchor. I had looked at Fortress earlier for the same reasons as I did with Mantus....they disassemble for storage. But always the price placed it out of the range that I felt that I could spend on this item. Would you have rather that Mantus not offer a discount to Sailnetters? And so what if he offers it to others to move his product. When you buy a car and the dealer gives you a discount, don't you think he does the same with others?

Not trying to pick a fight, but you seem too hard on this guy. As to him misrepresenting himself, I don't see it. Even with his engineer posting. Lastly, but not least, look at the product and make up your own mind. If it looks good and you want it buy it, do it. Otherwise, don't and ignore all the reports about it.

p.s. In my email discussions with Mantus, he answered my questions promptly and he indicated that he would like it if I would post my impressions good or bad. I've done that....good or bad. And I don't see anything wrong with the product, but if there is something wrong or misrepresented, it's going to be posted all over these websites by posters/users who are more loyal to other posters than to any manufacturer. And being a new company, a series of bad reports would likely lead to product being more or less black listed within the sailing community.

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