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Can I rescue this section of LIDO teak CB cap?

Can I rescue this section of LIDO teak CB cap?
I am fixing up a Lido 14 (Classic), but I am on a tight budget and have much more small sailboat enthusiasm than I have repair/fix-up experience or skill.
I know from reading the forums that many of you have much nicer and larger boats, but since there is a lot of collective experience on SailNet, I’m hoping to get a few questions answered regarding my modest projects.
I put a couple of pics in my album that show the soft sections of the weathered teak CB trunk cap/s. There are two sections, about 4” wide, 5/8” thick and about 38”L and 8” L. I removed them from where they were screwed into the flat, flanged top of the CB trunk. The larger piece was warped (which is why I removed it – so that I could sand down the mis-shapened thicker area. It was held down by some gummy latex-like caulk which I removed, as well as by wood screws. The short forward section was either just screwed to the polyester/fiberglass CB trunk top, or maybe held with epoxy. If I can resuscitate these teak pieces, I’ll have to fill in the stripped wood screw holes in the teak.
I have some West Systems epoxy and hardener, as well as some HD filler (404) and some low density filler. I was thinking that I could soak some of the epoxy into the wood (soft in some places and checked on the ends), maybe use some sawdust or 404 filler for the cracks. Then if the filler showed a lot (tan?), I could maybe still have the fortified teak “look” like wood by stain/coating it with some “mahogany” (reddish) filler I have here. So, if this would work, I might still have a rescued piece that has some wood-like appearance. Or, can I just soak epoxy _without filler_ and after the cures, sand it and put some UV inhibitor like CETOL on it. There is a teak foredeck tray that is in good shape. When looking at the West Systems page, I noted that there is an epoxy for clear finish over wood. But that is $99, so I won’t be using that.
I know teak has oil in it, but I swear this looks as though it hasn’t had any oil in the wood for the last 10 years.
The only piece of new teak I have on hand to use as a replacement piece/s is a section of 3.5” teak decking. Too narrow, but itself, and like the pieces I want to replaced, it’s eased, maybe quarter rounded, on its edges. We have a table saw so maybe my husband can rip those sections for me and I could “glue” (epoxy? What type) and clamp those together, in the center, I guess as I’d be gluing two 3.5” sections and ripping them to get a 4” or so CB cap. This (for me) would also be some work, but with every little project I do, I learn. I am a shoestring sailor of small boats and sailing is probably my most favorite thing to do.
I will probably sell the Lido, but would love to sail it first and I don’t want to stick a buyer with a boat that needs attention, or take a real beating if I have to drop the price a lot.
After this, I’ll probably re-pair where the fiberglass has come off the aluminum ribs that go between the CB trunk and the cockpit floor (sole?). There’s other stuff to fix up in the cockpit and I think I can do that.
Thanks to anyone who can give me some ideas or feedback. I appreciate that I am out of my boat league here. I like small boats because I don’t have a mooring or frontage or money. But mostly, I love being close to the water surface. Salt water bays are the best and when I was younger, I would spend hours upon hours sailing a little MK Dinghy on the salt water bay in front of our home. Nothing else connects me so organically to the earth. I sorely miss the salt shore and bay fragrance and the taste of Casco Bay water in my mouth from time to time --paradise.
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