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Re: spare anchor

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post

Thank you for answering my question concerning our information and if it is shared with manufacturers or other entities.

I agree with this and would add, Thank you for helping yourself out financially (After all this is not charity work you are doing for us sailors)

Comparing this to Bob Perry posts where there is no financial sponsorship or gain is a joke. I also dont ever remember finding or anyone finding inconsistancies in Bob Perrys posts.

If this is refering to my questions, I am asking simple questions about this company not criticising it. I would hope that normal questions which can be found in many threads similar to this does not evoke censorship because it is one of the vendors who contribute financially to Sailnet.

Here are my questions again. These are simple questions, easily answered. I will try to explain my reasoning fore asking them as it appears not to be obvious to some replying to this

Where are the anchors made?
- Their was great criticism of one of the new generation anchors when they moved their production to China and changed the metal content. There was no censorship associated with that previous thread

Why is the address a PO Box as opposed to where the anchors are made?-If there was a potential refund requested or problem all we have is a phone number and a PO address. We all know about boilerplate operations which work with offices in suites with phones who disappear in the middle of the night leaving people holding the bag. Just recently we had this suituation with a sail making company in which an large thread was generated without censorhip on here

What corporate name is your business registered under? Are you listed by the Better Business Bureau? I can find no mention of you.
- Both of these questions relate to the legitamcy of the company and again protection for the potential consumer in purchasing. These are not out of line extrodianary questions, nor are they critical of the company

-What grade of steel do you use? Obvious question to compare with other new generation anchors ROCNA and Manson Supreme. I cant find these specs in the literature.

There have been inconsistancies in what Mantus posted and who is employed by them. It is their own posts which has caused some to question the companys statements. They said they were only giving a 25% discount to Sailnet members. This was not true whether intentional or not.


Not all of their posters have identified their contacts or position with the company which was pointed out by someone replying to this thread. This violates Sailnet policies whether intentional or not

I would like to purchase this anchor and am asking the questions. These questions may be what others may already ask or want to know also. I did not expect this thread to generate so much negativeity.

Mantus, can you answer my four simple questions ( so we can move on from this) and I can feel confident in purchasing your anchor!!!!!!!
Jesus, Dave! I feel like me and the other mods and Sailnet and Mantus all came under both barrells from you. I realize you cannot inflect tone in a thread, but Jesus!!

Ok, my POINT on the Bob Perry thing was not where Bob did things wrong, but that he did them right. Hes fun to have around and participates in all kinds of things. However, he COULD be on here sneaking in a "Let me design your next boat" kind of thing. But... he doesn't. I am not comparing Bob Perry's knowledge to Mantus. I am comparing what one person heavily involved in the marine industry that posts here (BP) does that is great and others (not Mantus, but I will leave them unamed for now) do wrong. I thought it was a great comparrison.

And regarding that bit about suggesting we will cesure you because Mantus has a vested interest... what was the last time we did that? But quite candidly, both as a member and a moderator, I am more apt to give the Mantus' of the world the benefit of the doubt than I am others who try to be sneaky.

I have not seen this read sky persons thread and that is BS if true. Maybe it is?? But that does not mean Mantus told her to do it. Maybe he should have gone back and clarified it, but hey, I screw things up on here all the time too.

I am not trying to take sides just because the guys is a paying vendor here. Quite candidly, I have no dog in that hunt. However, as stated before, I am more apt to believe a guy that at least tried to follow the rules here and support the site than many other well-known vendors that intentionally screw us out of it. Intenionally!!

Go easy on the guy fellows. I swear that if I was him, I would feel like I was facing the Spanish Inquisition. Hopefully the guy comes back.


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