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Re: spare anchor

Originally Posted by Geoff54 View Post
This really relates to the “Let's talk about anchors some more” thread on the Seamanship forum but as the issue is being discussed here, this is where I thought I would post.

It makes me suspicious when I see a new member, Alternate Latitude, who has one post, praising Mantus, especially when there are certain things within that post that don't quite sound "right" … so, as I can’t go sailing right now, I though I’d look a little closer.

S S of Alternate Latitude used to own of a medical equipment supply company.
Greg is a physician.
One of S S business addresses is Seabrook, TX
Mantus address is PO Box 1109, Seabrook, TX 77586 (BTW it always makes me nervous when a commercial entity only uses a PO Box as an address).

Hmmmmm!! Well, maybe it’s all just coincidence. What do you think?

Opinions? Am I completely off base?
My Name is S S and YES, you are completely off base. I feel a little violated but understand that you can find a lot of information on the internet given enough time and energy. If you must know I have owned several companies, all located on the East side of Harris County, which encompasses Houston and the surrounding communities including Seabrook. One of my ex business partners address is actually the address in Seabrook. We used that address as our business location as I was out sailing in the Bahamas and Caribbean on a vessel called Anchor Management(feel free to look that up, great boat name but in no way related to Greg or Mantus).
I am not in any way affiliated with Mantus Anchors, period, end of story. I liked the anchor, told Greg this and he asked that I post something here on Sailnet. I thought I could also get some advertising for my charter business so why not. However I wasn't able to post the link but you can look up Alternate Latitude if interested.
I am not interested in continuing this discussion of whether or not I am involved with Mantus, I AM NOT!! If you would like more information about my personal life, my business interests or anything else for that matter I would ask that you contact me directly before making public assumptions. If you would like my lawyers info I can help you there as well.


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