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Re: That Smell? Victory....maybe?

Originally Posted by SlowButSteady View Post
Smells get absorbed into anything porous; wood, cloth, foam, paper, et cetera. Washing ALL the upholstery/fabric/foam, and painting/varnishing/oiling all wood surfaces (even if they have been previously finished) will usually go a long way toward getting rid of those lingering little whiffs of smell. Of course, keeping the cabin well ventilated 24/7 also helps. When all else fails, just realizing that boats have a "boat smell", and learning to live with it, may be the only thing to do.
Yes, I have read this, and I know it is the case with my boat. My whole cabin is African Mahogany Ply. Here is what I was tentatively thinking.

1)Ozone generator for 2 days, with me off the boat, obviously. I know that there is a lot of negative press, on these, but there is also a lot of great testimonies from people who have used them, and they have done wonders on their boat for mold and odors, I have a guy on my dock who rents one every 6 months and blasts his boat with it. It seems they can be tough on rubber, but I hear its only natural rubber, and I think everything in my boat is synthetic. This is still not a for sure thing, I plan on doing a lot more research.

2) What do you think about a carpet shampooer with upholstery attachments for the the cushions? My fear is them not drying for like 2 weeks, and getting moldy. I would use a product like Natures Miracle, you know, the enzymatic cleaner for getting pet odors out of things? Apparently it works as it dries, so you need to saturate the hell out of stuff. Seems to have worked in my house for when my dog was a pup. I really don't want to replace the cushions, that stuff costs almost half what my boat did.

3)The wood. Not sure the best method of treating this. Since this is my first boat, I don't really know yet, how to care for it. It's in great shape, so I don't want to sand it all down and refinish it. That would also be a huge task leaving me without a home for a week or so. So what do most people do? Or what should I do in my case? What do you mean "oil" it? Is their a varnish I can put directly over what it on their now? Or do I just clean it with a spray bottle and some natures miracle?

4) I have a dehumidifier on the boat for the winter. It sucks. In a good way. I hope that will circulate the air too, but I need to read up more on how these things work, and if they actually move air, or just suck the humidity out of it. The thing literally sucked the water out of my bilge. Pawn shop $60.

5) Getting used to the boat smell. It takes time, and does not bother me, as much as it bothers my lady. I don't need advice on what to do about this. Ha Ha. Even if I find another lady, she probably doesn't like stinky boats either, and frankly, I don't want a lady that likes stinky boats.

Thanks again!
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