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Re: That Smell? Victory....maybe?

Ozone will attack many (any?) organic polymers. Natural and synthetic "rubber" can be effected, as well as paint and varnish. It may help to get rid of the smell in the short term, but make everything more porous, and likely to absorb odors, in the long term.

Those shampooers will only do part of the job. You want to wash the foam as completely as possible. I took all the cushions home, took the covers off, and washed both the foam and the covers in Woolite the bathtub. I just tossed a couple of covers, or one of the foam pads, at a time into the tub with Woolite and warm water, and then walked back and forth on it for a couple of minutes. I then rinsed them (x2 for the covers, x3 or 4 for the foam) and hung them in the backyard to dry. Drying the foam is somewhat problematic, but I found that rolling the foam up in thick towels (no one tell the Admiral, but the the oh-so thick guest towels worked best ) and compressing the roll as much as possible took a lot of the moisture out.

Getting the foam back into the cover is also a pain. I found that turning the cover inside-out and pushing the foam in as I re-inverted the cover seemed to work best. There was still just a little bit of moisture in the foam, which became apparent as I struggled with getting the covers back on. But I found that I could lay a towel over the cover and walk back and forth on it to force the remaining water to the cover and into the towel. Still, all told, it took about a week or so get everything dry again.

Interior wood can be finished with varnish, polyurethane, or various "furniture oils". As general rule, you can't put urethane over other finishes as the solvents will cause the old finish to bubble. But the other way around is usually fine. I wipe all the wood surfaces down on my boat a couple of times a year with a lemon oil furniture polish (it works fine on exposed gel-coat and Formica too). For some of the shiner bits of trim I wipe a little "Danish oil" on once a year, or every other year (it takes a while to dry, and acts kind of like varnish, but penetrates the wood). Many production boats will have unfinished wood in areas that can't be readily seen (such as inside lockers and cabinets). Painting these with a gloss or semi-gloss enamel, or a wood sealer.

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