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Re: That Smell? Victory....maybe?

Originally Posted by Everett_Tyler View Post
Thanks for the great advice. I don't know a lot about finishing/caring for wood. I have stained a deck, and I built a farm table for my mom that I also stained and then put polyurethane on ( I think that is how I did it) but that is the extent of it.

What would you say my best method for the wood in my cabin is? It's in great shape, a couple nicks here and there but mostly in great shape. It needs something to bring it's shine back, and hopefully seal in any odors that have gotten in there. Maybe that is the wrong way to think about odors though, which you can elaborate on. What do you think should be used to just go over all the wood, to make it look as close to new as possible again. I have seen Danish oil, and if I were building a coffee table or dresser, I would totally use that stuff, but can I use it in my boat, over the existing finish?

I have a plan for the fabrics, just need a good plan for the wood.

Also- any good advice for bilge areas that can't be accessed? Just good old bilge cleaner? Orrr....?

Tyler From Everett.
Try rubbing a little lemon oil furniture polish in it first. I prefer a matte finish on most surfaces, and a semi-gloss on some of the fiddles (to act as sort of a "highlight"). Boats with all glossy wood look too "gaudy" to me. I've touched up some surfaces with Danish oil, and Teak oil on the few pieces of real teak on the boat. Experiment a little with small inconspicuous areas. See what looks best to you.

As far as the bilge goes, I just hose it down every once in a while. If it's really nasty, you may have to resort to a little detergent (TSP works best) and/or a small steam cleaner. You can paint it; the bilge is one area that a glossy finish is helpful, as it makes wiping up oil/fuel a bit easier. It's also good to keep the bilge as ventilated as possible. On my boat, as on many boats, the intake blower hose terminates in the bilge sump, so even when the blower isn't on it still provides some ventilation since I point the cowling on the exhaust away from the prevailing winds. I also keep an oil absorbent
sheet under the engine and an oil absorbent "boom" (really just a bundle of sheets in a mesh bag) in the sump to keep oil/fuel from sloshing around.

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