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Re: Thinking about living aboard

I've lived aboard for over 40 years and it saved me enough money to enable me to semi retire in my mid 20's ,working only a month a year since then. There is no way I could have accomplished that, had I lived on land, with it's huge expenses. When living aboard gets expensive , you are doing something wrong.

Where are you living aboard? In cold lattitudes, it can be very comfortable, or very uncomfortable . If it is the latter, you are doing something wrong. The key is lots of insulation and a good heat source. I have 1 1/2 inch of sprayfoam in my entire hull, decks and cabin. When I turn my saltshaker upside down, it will empty itself,with no shaking required. My boat is that dry inside.
A strip of anything, including fibreglass, connecting the inside to the outside, will drip condensation. Insulate anything which connects to the outside.
I have a good, large, airtight stainless woodstove, which will run up to 14 hours on a load of dry wood.
Boats have never been cheaper. The Cal is good choice , if you add a lot of insulation.
I havent tried it , but I read that if you dissolve borax in water, and brush it on a surface, the water evaporates, leaving a thin film of borax, which will stop mold from growing. Clothes and books you are not using can be kept mold free in a plastic bag with a few mothballs thrown in. An hour airing out eliminates the smell, when you want to use them.
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