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Re: 35 year old standing rigging - but rigger says it's ok

Originally Posted by SchockT View Post
It is funny how many different opinions there are on this subject. I seem to recall another thread not to long ago where someone posted pigs of their standing rigging that looked obviously corroded, and yet those of us advising replacement were accused of "trying to scare" the guy, and that it is probably fine! Now we have a situation where a professional rigger has rendered an opinion that something looks fine, and people accuse him of being incompetent and unprofessional! Perhaps he is just being honest? By all means get a second opinion, and pay for a more thorough inspection, but don't panic just because it is old.

My standing rigging is the original rod rigging that came on the boat (as far as I know), and it is in excellent condition. It has been inspected and given a clean bill of health. Naturally I have been given the usual sales pitch and butt-covering statements regarding the possibility that something "could" fail even though it looks fine, but I do take those with a grain of salt.

Having said that, I am budgeting for a major mast overhaul, including standing rigging, but in the meantime I am not worried that my mast is going to fall down just because my rigging is old!
The other thread that you refer to was about Nico-pressed eyes. The pics that the owner posted showed some surface corrosion. That is normal. The turnbuckle also looked fine.
This thread is about a hypothetical situation where no one has seen any pics and the rigger didn't even go aloft.
I made the statement about not scaring the other fellow because his Nico-pressed eye looked fine in my opinion.
I, and I would guess others are basing their opinions in this case on Tominny's statement that the rigging is probably 35 years old.

Apples and oranges.
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