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Re: Is sleeping OK?

When I'm working on a commercial vessel I follow the letter of the law. And now, when navigating the u.s. waters recreationally, I almost do, as to not jepordize my carreer. I boat recreationally in foriegn waters often and the places I hang, there basically is no law enforcement on the water to speak of, no such thing as no wake zone, or a water nazi that gives marine tickets. Not really a prevalent force anyway's. When I'm single handling off shore, and sleeping, I'm breaking the law of watch keeping. I take measures to ensure I don't get run down and in 22 years I haven't even come close. At least not that I know of, maybe I was asleep... So.. not that I care if they make a law for us or not, because I don't, but...just for thought. what if there was a light configuration and day shape that say's. " hey, I'm a solo sailor and I'm tired, please don't hit me" or now that AIS is so easy and affordable, it would show you as a singlehandler? and request "to not be hit because I'm wicked tired and I just could'nt keep my eye's open but my boat is hove to and if you honk I'll probably wake up but please don't because I'm sleepy". I know in the wheel house of an offshore tug we would see that and say" wow, check this dude out, and go around his/ her ass. Just putting it out there as possible way to communicate the situation. Most of the pencil pushing geeks that put together the colregs are sandy landlubbers any way's, in the industry there is movement to be governed by mariners and re-write a lot of the B.S. in the colregs, not only in modern english but to better serve the industry. Just say'n. ( and no the coast scouts, I mean coast gaurd, are not considerd mariners amongst mariners) but that's a different discussion.

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