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Re: Is sleeping OK?

Originally Posted by Cruisingdad View Post

Now, I do think, like it or not, that commercial vessels shoiuld live to a whole other standard than yachties. Sorry... I do. I think they should stand anchor watches and stand all night watches at sea. They are getting paid for it and they are a commercial vessel. That is the price of doing business and businesses should incorporate the cost of crew into their equation. Also, their potential to damage is significatlyy greater than us shmucks with a plastic boat and and sail. So yeah, I do think they should stand by the rules.
Sorry, but I must strenuously disagree...

What rules should yachtsmen be excused from, simply because they choose to partake in a purely RECREATIONAL endeavor on the world's oceans, CHOOSING to sail short or singlehanded? Should private pilots likewise have similar courtesies granted to them, because their tiny Pipers or Cessnas are more subject to turbulence, thus making the delicate constitutions of their pilots more susceptible to airsickness? (grin)

I can only imagine the sort of scorn with which most professional mariners would greet such a plea for special status... Especially, in an age where they are being expected to pluck distressed yachties from their plastic toys with ever-increasing frequency... Not to mention, where some are demanding (as was seen here in the Loss of TRIUMPH thread) that merchant vessels participating in the AMVER program need to get their act together, and undergo far more rigorous training in order to properly do so...

Their bemusement would likely pale in comparison, however, to that of many of my all-time voyaging heroes - people like the Smeetons, Hiscocks, or Roths, who epitomized self-sufficiency and the acceptance of personal responsibility for their choices, embraced the risks of putting to sea on a small boat, and indeed would have been embarrassed to have such special consideration requested on their behalf...

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