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Re: Is sleeping OK?

I don't think us solo dudes should have speacial rules. As a Merchant Marine I can tell you first hand we hate recreational boaters, we think they are all "no nuth'ns" But belive me as rec. boater you are not subject to scrutiny that we are nor are you getting paid several hundred dollars plus a day to be out there. As a rec. boater I know the mind set of the wheel house and I do everything I can to stay visible. If there was a light config. or day shape to tell me while on watch that the vessel I see is single handing. I would take that into consideration when I make my decsions as watch officer. It's just a communication technique. knowledege is power. I like looking out at lights and knowing, Oh, that guy has a mile of cable behind him, or that guy is fishing, or that guy is sailing, or that guy is alone. There is also a law of the sea as sailors that trumps COLREGS that demands respect amongst our selves, to look out for eachother, assist when we can. What's that saying " A HERO IS SOMEONE WHO DOES WHAT THEY CAN" Most of these commercial guy's are allright and ironically dream of retiring to a sailing or trawler yacht some day, and look enviously at the cruising boats wishing they were'nt at work. It's all about visibilty, and communicating what you are up to, that's all they want to know when they see you out there.
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