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Re: I'm Done

Originally Posted by alaska67 View Post
I don't post here often as I am usually at sea but I do read. I have read seahunter here and on Cruisers.

Some of his famous digs are below. it seems he was the "know it all" and could not stand it when shown to be wrong so he took his Tonka trucks and left the sand box.

Some beautiful seahunter stuff here;

When being rude to a new poster;
"Please, please delete me, my IQ can't handle the load. I think. What, there's a future; hang on a sec.

Apparently one's Mensa score has absolutely nothing to with one's thickness of scales. Good luck to you and your IQ, lest they run into that metaphorical door."

This one is so hypocritical;
"Since when is Mexico a free country? Or are you there on an drug run? Being quick with the witticisms doesn't necessarily mean you're funny."

The only one being illogical in that thread was Seahunter;
"Yet it becomes pedantic and lilliputian when the discussion falls into the same pattern of misinformed ideological mumbo jumbo week after week."

When speaking on a topic he had no real clue about;
Poster #1;
"Can I presume from your comment that you have a lot of personal experience with them?"

" You can presume anything you like; I know and have enough experience to recognize a colossal waste of time and space when I see it , yes."

To a newbie with 1 post (who later deleted the content and left);

"there's nothing new here and frankly I find your post a little naive and self serving with a feeling that lacks any real personal research on your part. I liken your attempts of soliciting funds no better than the emails I receive from a server in Ghana saying a long lost relative has died in a plane crash travelling to his diamond mine which I've now inherited."

When referring to an anchor another poster bought other than the one he uses. Obviously anyone who uses an anchor other than what the great master does has succumbed to "mind control";

"Yeah, I think I'll stay with quality control rather than mind control of the "what's popular today"."

How he responded to being called out on posting untrue information about a manufacturer;

"He we go again; don't get your panties in a sheetbend, just do a Google search and all will be well."

Considering his understanding of this subject it too is hypocritical;

"Yikes. You need to read their whole site to get yourself educated instead of cutting and pasting selected pieces that seem to fit your understanding of the issues."

More rudness to somehthing he does not agree with;

"You could cobble a windlass from a couple of beer cans, an upright vacuum and an old washing machine. I guess it would matter if you thought your life was worth a rat's a$$. So what's your point? "

Here he digs the entire Sailnet community, remember he was or is te great master, he also gave legal advice himself in the same thread;

"Hmmm, backseat lawyers. Nothing but the best information from sailnet. You'll also need to give your own lawyer a kick in the a$$ to get things going."

Once again more digs on a subject he knew squat about but professed to he the great master;

"I've seen many a "boater" use all kinds of materials in their boats that ultimately fail. I wouldn't use bed sheets as sails either. Giving me attitude doesn't make you an authority either, yet does indicate your lack of understanding and experience."

Once again a a prime example of how highly he thinks of himself;

"Now, if you've finished fingering your keyboard, I find I neither have the time nor the inclination to listen to your drivel. I would rather you kiss the water I sail upon and just say thanks and went on your way. Either way I don't give a damn, what you think you're entitled to nor what you think you know."

How he responds when he can't form an argument that holds any merit;

"I wouldn't use it on any boat. Apparently you didn't or can't comprehend this fact with your twerpy mind."

More of the same uneducated drivel from that thread;

"Yes, it's for outside use, not marine use. I could care less what others are doing. It's wrong. I've used this product for it's intended purpose, period. You could pull a condom over your head but I think it would work better as a rain gear, than a balaclava."

Nice. Oh and what "requirement"?

"At least one hatch or portlight is required do keep an eye on the rigging; many have 2 or 3. Your ignorance of the requirements is staggering, obviously you're not a sailor nor a boater."

Seahunter also knows anchors better than any other boater;

"The best all round anchor without question is the Danforth (original only) for most bottoms."


"The only "silly" thing here is misquoting. This is typical of SN forums as one's persanal preferences makes them the expert in all things boating. While I respect other's opinions, sometimes opinions are nothing more than childish ball rubbing that denigrates the thread and the original spirit of the posting. Perhaps one should take their own advice, and choose not to post in another "anchor threat".


"Heh heh, perhaps we should all drop anchor on our keyboards and leave yet continue posting our our ill intentioned and mostly vulgar retorts instead of partaking in the joys of boating."

Once again he slams the entire sailnet community as "desktop sailors". the only one with "aggressive righteousness' was Seahunter;

"While we all began as newbies my thoughts are that many who join the forum can barely claim membership into the boater's world as desktop sailors or at best dock rats. What puzzles me most is the level of "aggressive righteousness" many take or feel is their right as a member of the forum."

The almighty has spoken folks;

"Sail or power, Sailnet or CF, racer or cruiser; there's still boater's out there who know squat about boating."

hey wait I'm still hear and I can guarantee I have at a minimum 7 times the sea miles seahunter has. but yeah all the "real boaters are elsewhere;

"Because most of the real sailors have left for other forums."

anhis comments here and elsewhere are based on what?;

"What's your point? Your comments are merely based on hyperbole and hearsay."

complete gibberish posted as fact;

"it's better if the batteries are rated the same. Once you start adding external charging sources IE solar, it only takes a short time for the start battery to get cooked if not switched or correctly isolated. There's been many a posting here ( perhaps hundreds, even thousands) over the years with battery/charging issues suggesting there's obvious issues with the way many boats are wired. Keeping the ratings the same prevents over charging of the lesser battery. "

It is clear the only "real sailor" is seahunter. Bow to the master.

"After reading Mr. Chong's letter, I knew there'd be significant response on most forums especially from the many keyboard sailors."

a typical response to being once again wrong and proven to be so. let us all remember seahunter is the only "real boater" on the net so don't forget it;

"Because many are trolling the Cruiser forum as you know. But many are fakirs there as well but the seem to stay alive because nobody calls them on it; but when you do they all hold hands. I got sick of he mods making arbitrary decisions. In my view, you can't be a moderator AND take a position either way and call it the high ground. IMHO, (rarely given), there are few real boaters on the Cruiser forum, but many pretenders."

More drivel;

'Wow, you've got some resume. Kudos. To quote one famous boater, "I yam what I yam". I respond to posts to answer reasonable boating questions, quoting sources where possible when I know the answer. If I tweak nerves to elicit a intellectual responses, I make no apologies. Frankly, it didn't take 12 years to conclude SailNet's value, I cruise by once in a while to see how the tide is running and throw some bait or a hook or two into the waters.'

As I see it losing a member like seahunter is a good move for this forum. There are plenty more precious quotes from seahunter but I got bored looking them up.

i for one am glad to see folks like seahunter go.
Hey - anyone that uses the words "lilliputian", "fakirs" and "twerpy" in a tirade has my immediate respect.

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