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Re: Is sleeping OK?

Originally Posted by GeorgeB View Post
Lol Jack, I too, am one of those “yachties” with over 10,000 NM in the log book. Interesting question, why do we “yachties” maintain log books and professional watch officers don’t? I maintain mine so I can prove my bonifides to insurance companies and race committees and such. I guess the “pros” don’t have to do that. Kind of gives you pause…

Sadly, dealing with insurance is a fact of life for this “yachtie”. Perhaps I don’t run in the right circles but pretty much everyone I know who has a boat worth north of $100k has insurance. Maybe I need to hang out more with the likes of Larry or Phillipe Kahn more, but I suspect that they insure their million dollar toys too. Hey, if you can walk away from your boat and responsibilities in an accident, by all means go bare. But I for one, maintain insurance.

Back when I was younger, I could go without sleep for long periods. After I hit 40 not so much. Heck, I’m embarrassed to say this, but I’ve actually fallen asleep while helming and that was on a boat with no autohelm or self steering! The good news is I rarely singlehand anymore, because unlike some folks, fellow sailors actually want to ship with me. I am happy to share the experience of off shore sailing with my fellow mariners.
Well it's because us "pro's" count our time in day's and are issued sea service letters by our employer that are sent to the coast guard for our up grades and renewals. I have several thousand day's of commercial service, one day counting as a day and a half for us or 12 hours as opposed to the usual 8.I keep a log on my little sailboat and if I wanted to I could go back and count the miles. I keep a log on the dive boat and I count the engine hours and bla bla bla. we don't single hand because no one want's to sail with us Goerge, we do it because we like our own company for a spell. My 150,000 dollar dive boat has insurance, my Inherited 28' foot sloop has my skill of keeping it afloat and out of harms way as insurance. Thank goodness they make 100,000 dollar gadget boats and have a book of regulations for you yachtsman to refer to. The ocean is, as you know, a big and wonderfull place, and with the invention of all these gadgets and oppulant boats, you country club boy's can now to get out to sea and enjoy each others company in the comfortable glow of a computer screen and digital decimal device to tell which way the wind is blow'n, where you are and how to get home. " Last one to the pool bar is spoiled caviar" smashing indeed.

" Some are boat wise and some are other wise"

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