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Re: Frameless steel construction

Sounds like u drank the cool aid good luck and post any pics once u get started !

Originally Posted by PeterSailer View Post
Here is a picture os the home made blocks:

Attachment 12256

They look just fine to me, the only thing is the chain link...the guy didn't make the pad eye on the deck big enough, thats it.

Here is a other shot of home made blocks

Attachment 12259

And here is a roller furler:

Attachment 12260

There is a hell of a big difference between aluminum and steel boats...
Number 1 is $$, not everyone has the budget to buy the material for a aluminium boat....or a actual aluminium boat.

Number 2, You need more skills to weld aluminium and you can't expect to be able to do any kind of repaire in a out of the way place except maybe to slap a aluminium sheet on the hull and rivet it in place.

Number 3 corrosion, Aluminium might not rust, but it can be affected big time by electrolysis, good luck if you accidently drop a penny in the bilge, you'll end up with a hole in the bilge in no time!

Number 4, with steel, the boat has more chances of having corrosion issue over the water line, where you can see it easily. With aluminium, you have a bigger chanche to have problems under the water line where you can't spot it right away.

This might sound stupid but I don't know any other building material that will show you the second it starts to corrode with a big red streak.

That being said, I'm not saying that Aluminium boats a no good, just not what i'm looking for.

If you weld up all your detailing before you start the shell, it's possible ( and it has been done with success) to buy your plate wheel abraded and primed with zinc rich primer and build the shell fast enough,so you don't need to sand blased it, the primer has proven to be a good base for epoxy paints.

And even thinking of painting a steel boat with cheap latex paint is ridiculous, IMO epoxy tar is the way to go.

Oh yeah, and tell me she isn't a beauty

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