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Re: Best country to purchase a boat

Originally Posted by Bradfordpm View Post
....If you were in the market for a deal/fixer upper of a boat and could be in any country/region in the world to search for that boat. Where would it be?...
If it is a fixer upper the best deal would be one near your house where you could do the work.

I have never before had to pay for someone to work on about anything we owned until we bought the Endeavour and have it stored 2200 miles from our house.

I paid one guy $85 and hour to remove the thru-hulls and the total was suppose to be about $400 for 8 of them. We also had the hull media blasted by someone else in prep for blister repair and he was suppose to open 10-15 larger blisters for them to drain and dry out. Well over $1000 later I had to have him quit after he had about 6 of the thru-hulls out and had taken a grinder to the blisters he was suppose to of 'just opened' and had ground thru the hull, a thick hull and had made a lot more work for the blister repair people.

Then he had pulled out one of the two thru hulls for a cockpit scupper and left the hose to it inside the hull in the engine compartment which then flooded the bilge when it rained. The blister repair people emptied the bilge for us about 3 times to the tune of another $500 by bailing it out which took them forever and never found the hose. When we got to the boat 10 months later I figured out the hose in about 10 minutes and hooked up a hose and siphoned (the boat was on stands) the water in the bilge out in about 10 minutes.

Sorry for the rant, but get a boat where you can do the work on it and not depend on others or at least have it where you can keep an eye on the work being done. The only one in our case that came in close to the bid price and he was lower actually was the guy who media blasted the bottom paint off.

Your results might vary ,



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