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Re: Is sleeping OK?

Okay, last post on this issue.
COLREGS creates a lose-lose situation for single handers yet there are some who will sail single handedly. Within context of the rules one should be able to use reasonable judgement to manage his passage in the safest manner possible and not be penalized when someone else actively violates the rules and runs him down. Court decisions like the one cited by Jackdale are an abomination and should be thrown out.

There are autopilot systems that can be integrated with a windvane to allow the choice of following either a magnetic course or the variations in wind direction. The problem with this choice is you are underway making way and can actively cause damage.

There are sea anchor systems that deploy off the stern of the boat and are reputed to be easily retrieved and are said to quieten the motion of the boat. It significantly reduces your making way so that you will not actively run into something. The benefit of this option is it gives you respite and allows you to practice and test you storm systems but has the disadvantage of taking longer to get underway making way.

Heaving-to doesn't really stop the boat but lets you get underway making way quickly.

None of this discussion relates to how fast you make a passage, or how long it takes to get to your destination, only to completing your single handed passage in the safest manner possible. I think Capt. Aaron has been trying to tell you this. He is not going to run into you and he is going to let you know, if you are keeping watch while underway making way, where he is. Your decision, whether or not to run into him.
If you are in a long distance shingle handed race and know what you are doing, you are going to sleep when you can for you know not when you will be able to sleep again, taking the risk as it comes.
I think the grief you are getting from some is the pendantic, dualistic manner in which you argue. Laws cannot be written to cover every conceivable situation. I'm sure you must develop in your students the ability to use skill and good judgement in every aspect of their passage. The laws of man and nature create a dynamic that requires reason, knowledge, skill and judgement to successfully complete a passage. And sometimes luck.
I hope you don't think I'm a crazy marauding single hander who is out to run you down in the middle of the night. In fact, I don't make long single handed passages because I can't even stay awake long enough to get out of the bay.
The only bona fides I can swap with you are not hours underway making way.
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