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Re: Our Medical Experiences in Mexico

Originally Posted by travlineasy View Post
Depending upon your age, nursing care in the states ranges from poor to non-existent. Unfortunately, quality nursing care is a major component of the post surgical healing and recovery component. The one thing that those of us who have experience in the medical field enjoy is the ability to determine when something is going wrong......
I went to my doctor for my annual, and saw him again a week later to review the tests and do a scheduled mole removal. I had set up both appointments in the past 2 weeks. He reviewed my blood work, and ensured that I understood every component.

I don't want to turn this into a US healthcare bashing post, however, I happen to be in Canada, you know, the home of 'socialist medicine'. Where it takes 8 months to see a doctor, the government tells you who to see, and you have no choice. All bunkum. I get to see who I want, I get in quickly, and my doctor owns the clinic, hires and pays the staff, and pays the overhead.

The only difference is that there is one payer... the government. My tax rates are lower, we spent 1/3 less as a percentage of GDP, and we live longer. My guess is we live longer because we don't have to worry about our co-pay or full pay if one does not have insurance, and go for regular medical care.

Why are people happy to accept science which makes their life easier while rejecting science that makes their faith or beliefs more difficult?

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