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Re: How to destroy a diesel in one easy step...

Another tricky one...
My Volvo MD2020 started overheating, at the point of stalling. It ran fine for years. I tried today to repeat the event at the dock, without actually stalling. Guess what?! The heat exchanger cap is busted...or something. After running the engine in gear for 15 min. at 2500 rpm, I noticed a trickle coming out of the heat exchanger overflow. Spatten Octoberfest bottle was right there, so I commandeered it to act as an overflow container.
It started filling up slowly, but when I slowed down to an idle, the overflow started gushing, and dumped about half a quart... So, the engine is losing its coolant... A friendly lobsterman suggested bad heat exchanger cap... I was looking at it and thinking to myself.... this piece of spring and rubber could kill! And not only the engine, but the people on board, in the right circumstances...
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