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Universal 5411 Cooling

In my 1984 sailboat the 5411 is most likely original. It starts and runs good, a slight puff of white smoke when starting then no visible exhaust.
Did some trouble shooting on why my temp. gage never moves. I have crosses Lake Ontario under power for 5 hours with no movement on the gage.
I took out the gage and sensor, set it up on a table with two 6 volt batteries in series. Put the sensor in a cup of hot water and the gage registered the same temp( within 5 degrees) of an alcohol thermometer.
Next I reinstalled everything except the sensor, which I hooked up to the sensor wire, grounded the body to the block and did the hot water thing again. The gage again worked fine.
In the Universal manual it shows cooling water from the intake at the thruhull to the water pump, thru the block to an outlet at the bottom of the thermostat housing. The hose at the bottom is then supposed to connect to a "T" at the top of the water intake back at the thru hull. The hose at the top of the housing is attached to the exhaust. There is a small hole in the thermostat so some water would cool the exhaust while the thermostat is still closed. By the way I also tested the thermostat, it does open at about 140F.
In my hook up the hose from the bottom of the thermostat housing is Tee'd into the exhaust hose along with one one from the top of the housing.
I believe that means it is like running the engine with no thermostat at all.
At idle there is a good pulse of water out the exhaust about every two seconds. At 2000 rpm it is almost a steady stream of water out the exhaust.
The boat has always been a fresh water boat so with that flow of water it seems like there are no blockages in the engine.
My next step was going to be connecting the hose from the bottom of the housing to the "T" on the top of the thru hull, the way it shows in the manual. It currently has a plug on one side of the "T". Running the engine under load for a while and see if I get a reading on the gauge. Right now the engine is running always cold.
Has anyone seen this hook up before on a 5411, or is there any reason why I shouldn't proceed.
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