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Re: Is sleeping OK?

Originally Posted by Cruisingdad View Post

But in essence, that is my issue. You admitted that you single and that you are fine with others singling. Your heroes single. But in doing so, you broke the 'law'/rules. You did not break it on accident. You willingly, knowingly, and intentionally broke it and knew you would. Your heroes did (or would have) too. Your position states that we should all be treated equal, all of us have the same rules, that you support the COLREGS as they stand, yet you also support breaking the law/rules, or that you support others doing it. If you are going to break a law, willingly and intentionally, then what is the point of it in the first place? You are in a paradoxical position.
No, let me make something clear... By admitting that I singlehand myself, does not in itself constitute an "endorsement" that others should do so. No more than I would "support" the notion, for example, that other drivers should exceed the speed limit. And, by admitting I routinely drive over the speed limit in many places, "willingly and intentionally, I don't see how that negates the value of speed limits, in general... (grin) All I'm saying, is that people are free to make their own judgements on singlehanding, as long as they understand the risks, and will accept responsibility for whatever consequences that might ensue...

Originally Posted by Cruisingdad View Post
If you are going to put in a rule that covers all vessels, make the rule such that all vessels can legally and responsibly follow it to the letter. Do not exclude the right of man to go to sea simply because he is not taking a large crew. Who are you, or any society, or any state, or any organization to decide who can and cannot go to sea? THey do not own it and can lay no claim to it. That has never been the way of the sea. Instead, realize that the practicallity of a couple of your rules exclude (in reality) many vessels because it simply is not feasible. This exclusion includes single handers, sailing couples, and possibly three-somes in my opinion.
Sorry, but we're never gonna agree on this, I simply refuse to accept the notion that anyone's "right to go to sea" is being "excluded" by the relevant rules on watchstanding... Can you cite any examples of sailors being restrained from setting off single or shorthanded? What authority attempted to prevent the running of the Singlehanded Transpac this summer, or Matt Rutherford from setting out upon his well publicized voyage around the Americas directly in front of the US Naval Academy, for example?

Seems to me that the situation as it stands today, is akin to a sort of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy... That strikes me as a pretty reasonable compromise, in reality...

Originally Posted by Cruisingdad View Post
I am not looking for special treatment - I am looking for fairness and the realization that their rules, as written, exclude the rights of many sailors unless they break the law - which you have done as have many before you for thousands of years.

Same with the COLREGS. They did not say you cannot singlehand. They did not say how many crew you had to have aboard. But they did state that you must maintain a 24 hour watch - knowing man must sleep. In essence, they have found a way to exclude singelhanders from going to sea (and probably cruising couples too).

Assuming that was not their intent, then they need to alter the rules in a way that takes into account the feasibility of the vessel and its crew and makes realistic rules that we can all follow. What is written now is not feasible for all vessels and crews unless the right of man is taken away.
What sort of rule change would you propose? That solo or shorthanded crews should only be required to stand a watch when "convenient"? Or, for only 16 hours in any given 24 hour period, to permit them 8 hours of rest daily?

Watchstanding is one of the most fundamental tenets of proper Seamanship, there are very few things of more importance... I just don't see how an equitable rule can be written that's fair to all, and yet excuses or relieves a solo sailor of such a responsibility... No one is ever forced to sail alone or with minimal crew, people do so by choice, and if they chose to do so, they simply need to resign themselves that they will be in a technical violation of COLREGS... So what? Again, if one is sufficiently frightened by the mere prospect of being in violation of a rule that will likely NEVER be "enforced" in any meaningful way, one is simply not cut out for solo voyaging to begin with, and should perhaps pursue a more placid, lower-risk endeavor...

Seems to me what your are arguing for, is for the rules re watchkeeping to be modified to permit some sort of legal recourse, in the event that circumstances might put you in court someday, or permit the application of a lawsuit, or to be eligible to file an insurance claim... In the event a solo sailor winds up on the beach while sleeping below, does anyone here really believe the rules should be written in such a way that completely absolves him from any responsibility, or a determination of some form of negligence? I don't think so...

If anyone has any suggestions as to how such rules can be re-written to "accommodate" vessels upon which a proper watch will not be maintained at all times, I'd love to hear it... Otherwise, I believe solo sailors will simply have to accept the risks involved in singlehanded voyaging...

Which is as it should be, IMHO...
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