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Re: Alternator Output Wire

Originally Posted by SVTatia View Post
Thank you Maine Sail. My plan is to make the Battery Switch a use switch as per your recommendation on “1/BOTH/2/OFF Switches Thoughts & Musings” post – to quote you:
“To make your 1/BOTH/2/OFF a "USE SWITCH" simply:

1- Make your house bank #1, or "primary"
2- Make the start/reserve battery #2 or "back up/secondary"
3- Install an Automatic Combining Relay (VSR) or an Echo Charger to charge bank #2.
4- (Bonus Option) Feed alternator output directly to the house bank.”

What I am trying to accomplish is to wire the alternator/starter directly to the battery, bypassing the switch - making the house bank the engine starting battery and make the charging “always on” with a VSR to the reserve battery.
Since my alternator output and starter share the same cable, can I route this cable that is now starter/alternator directly to the house bank to comply with your item 4 above?
Else I would have to find a way to wire a separate alternator output wire to the battery.
It's a great setup, I moved to this configuration this season. I used the blue sea ACR (Relay). If I did it over I'd use an echo charger simply because the echo limits current and can be wired to the start/reserve bank with smaller wire - wrestling battery cabling around is a huge pain.

On the other hand the battery switch provides connections to both banks in one place already so if the relay is mounted in that area its leads can be small. Also the Blue-Sea ACR has an indicator LED output which tells me when it (and the alternator) are working properly. I don't know if the echo has this nice output.
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