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Re: Flare-guns and other alternatives (excluding guns) as weapons

If you really want a simple but effective "Low Tech" device you could employ the old sailing-ship man's weapon--a slung shot. This wonderfully simple thing was a lead weight on a piece of wire or strong cord about ten to twelve inches long, although some were a bit longer, with a handle or toggle on the other end. With a little practice one can withdraw it from a pocket in the palm of the hand, then whip it across an assailant's face where it will momentarily or permanently disturb them.

The cord can also be used as a garotte to complete the job, or you can then sort out the next knife-wielder, because you can reach him while you are out of his reach. A whack on the wrist will shatter bones, and the knife will drop.

You could make up one for each hand. They only take a few moments to make, and one need not carry them on to airplanes. If you do make up more than one, you will also discover that with a little practice you can throw them with surprising force and reasonable accuracy. For those who fondly imagine that intruders are just "friends we have not yet met" or impoverished fisher folk with poor toilet training, leave these close-quarter weapons alone. You will by nature probably lack the necessary determination to defend yourself, and these take some practice to learn to use swiftly. They are a surprise weapon primarily. Use them against pumpkins to begin with--at least you can make some nice soup out of the undamaged portions of the victims.

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