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Re: Infiniti 36GT

Originally Posted by Mr W View Post
DSS (dynamic stability system) has been mentioned here before. Here is the latest boat to incorporate this system, the Infinity 36GT. Looks sweet! The boats that use DSS usually have narrow or at least not very wide hulls. Paolo, what do you think about putting a system like this on a boat like the Pogo, but with less ballast? It would still have good initial stability thanks to the wide hull, and when the wind speed and boat speed increase, the DSS foil would kick in with its extra RM. The foil would be really far out from the center line and therefore have really good effect. Im just babbling here, really dont know what Im talking about


//Mr W
Yes I agree!!! It looks very promising and I cannot see why it should not work. With that you get righting moment without using ballast and contrary to ballast generated righting moment, that remains constant with heeling, this one increases with speed and only needs a very small amount of heel to be generated. Speed is the increasing factor, not heeling.

I hope the system proves itself on the race course and if it really works it would be a really major breakthrough in sail design.


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