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Re: The iPad thread! who uses an iPad for sailing?

Thank you very much for your helpful feedback and your interesting thoughts.
Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
Sorry to have misunderstood. Could you give it another go?
Sure, no problem. There are several pactor modems on the market. We use for instance a PTC IIusb with a Bluetooth extension (we never use the USB port, we use Bluetooth, less interference). There is also the option to get an ethernet extension, this would allow WIFI devices to talk to the pactor via a WIFI access point. For example we use a cheap Netgear WIFI access point that has a 12v DC power input so we can use it without AC.

Still on one device one needs a Radiomail software package that talks to the PTC modem and the SSB, and there is currently only Windows software (e.g. Airmail) available, nothing for iOS or Mac to my knowledge.
Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
My second best attempt at what you meant is having an onboard wifi, where a PC based laptop speaks with the pacor and the Ipad is somehow signed onto the same wifi network and speaks with the PC to get the grib?
Yes, that is basically correct. To get the GRIB files we send a request using airmail on the laptop. The received files are saved on the laptop. Now we can connect the iPad via wifi to the laptop, go to the folder where the GRIB files are and open them in WeatherTrack. That's all. On Mac you could use the built-in web sharing to publish a folder containing all the attachments from Airmail, for example.
Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
The big advantage of WT is being able to download and save the files, when I have a 3G signal, and review them at my leisure. If I'm coastal cruising, I typically have a good signal, with an exception in a few anchorages or when we've been off the Maine coast. If 3G is strong, I think SF still has the competitive advantage for near coast wind data and one would more likely just stay there to view it.
There has been indeed a bias to spotty network coverage. - Let me ask you a question. If you sail near the coast and if you have a good 3G signal on your iPad, why would need an app? As you know most information are available online which you could easily access in your browser?

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
I haven't upgraded versions yet!! Not intuitive, like nearly all Ipad software is.
Wise decision. Quite frankly, we did not update our iPad yet, preferred to wait, did just the iPhone (already causing enough trouble). But if you decide to update to iOS6 make sure the moment before you do the installation that you have a 100% complete true backup. If something happens, such as battery running out of juice, wifi connection collapses, or whatever Murphy's law has in mind, then you might have trouble and lose data.
Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
Most drop down boxes have a graphic box around them, suggesting it is a button, and/or a carrot to the side. I would highly suggest the tweak.
Very good point, thank you very much. Guess, we did not see the wood for the trees. You are right, you don't see that it is a button. - Changed design coming up soon!

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
Hope you can prove it was in development, because I'm filing a motion for royalties.....
Unfortunately it's been out in the public for quite a while, but maybe we may invite you for a drink should we come across one day. ;-)
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