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Re: Our Medical Experiences in Mexico

Originally Posted by cupper3 View Post
Are there waiting lists? You bet, especially for lifestyle induced problems like hip replacement and knee replacements. They are by far the result of being overwieght. I have no empathy for those that now need to go through some quality of life issues when they didn't think about it or did anything to reduce the risk.

Have a medical required procedure? You get taken care of, and now.

Have a pre-existing condition? Your insurance will never get cancelled.

The fact remains, Canada pays 1/3 less as a percentage of GDP on healthcare that the USA does, we live longer and our taxes are lower. I'll take our healthcare over the huge issues my friends in the States have any time.

When I hear that friends need to postpone doctor visits because of the expense of co-pays, when I hear that they do not have the choice of who to see because of HMO's, when I hear that they need to stay in a job they hate because of medical insurance that they would lose because of pre-existing conditions and when I hear that their premiums are in the hundreds and hundreds of dollars, I just wonder how, with all the other innovation that the people of America are famous for, how they can be so bamboozled by the health insurance industry.

I just don't get it.
One of the slippery slopes we don't use so much in the US is rationing according to lifysyle. What if it is genetic? (and you are fat )

Yes, we do have some pretty greedy insurance companies and do need reform there.

Yes the fact remains. But do you live longer because you have a different health care system? No, you don't.

Higher co-pays may be a way for us to begin rationing our over indulgence in all things health care.

All universal govt systems survive by rationing. Ours will have to start doing that too in some fashion because 50% of every Medicare dollar is spent in the last 3 (three) days of a beneficiaries life! That's right. Save Granny!! Do everything! Spare nothing!----that will have to change.

My Canadian friend's mom had a MRI. Yep, you got cancer here there and everywhere. Call your minister and your family. Here it is call the oncologist and lets see what we can do about it. Spend and spend.

And then there are the two 75 year olds. One healthy (could live to be 100), the other not (probably keel in a few months) but both on the same rationing.

That is not fair or right either.

Neither system is really good and fair.

Nice that you are Canadian and live in Canada and like your system.

Stay there.

We will work something out here as we get the public to learn more of the hard truths about some conditions and their real prognoses.
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