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Re: Sailing close hauled?

Sails are a good start... then how much bag you have in your main (outhaul), then how far inboard your jib-sheets are. You'll likely point better with a smaller headsail (if it's blown out) then a genoa.

Then how fair is your keel? Your rudder (less important), how about your boats bottom?

How is your rigging, standing that is? How much rake do you have, the C&C should have a slight rake to the mast.


Needless to say you've asked a complicated question that even with pictures we can't iron out which "one thing," is causing it. 5 people could look at it, and you'd get 5 different answers.

Truth is, point comes when all those "settings" come together at once, and others I've forgotten off the top of my head.

I am in your boat though (figuratively), in that my blown out sails on my Capri 25, were getting me about 50-55 degrees, I got my tune up, and I can almost get 45 now, but my sails are keeping me from my best point.

Oh and 45 is a ballpark figure, there are some that do better, but 45 should be a good number with a C&C with average tune and new dacron sails.
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